August 10, 2014

In January, we're getting married

Really and truly, I was over here all set to be a consistent blogger once again, complete with blogs in the bullpen just warming up to go out. My intentions were good… but then this very exciting thing happened, and needless to say, everything that is not being engaged has gone swiftly out the window. Not to mention - fair warning - I'm gushier these days than I've maybe ever been.  So while I am still hoping to be back and better-than-ever, the obvious must first be addressed. Obviously.
[Yes, in January -] we're getting married!! The long and short of it is I couldn’t possibly be happier. When I really sit and think about it, I can hardly believe it’s a real thing! It’s one of those you look forward to for so long, if only in an abstract way - for what seems like forever, you think about what it will be like when someday the time comes, and that, in itself, is fun. Then you meet a wonderful man and just being a dater [and talking on the phone for a million dates worth of time because your dater lives in the snowy mountains there for a bit], being in like and then like-like and then love [!] takes your thoughts for a good while. Then you and that wonderful man start talking, again, in something of an abstract way, about your future. Admittedly, you might spend a few extra minutes on the Pinterest wedding boards at this point, but still it’s just an idea in your head of what could be.

But then said wonderful man gets down on one knee at the Denver Botanic Gardens and knocks you off your feet with the most beautiful ring and most ecstatic feeling you’ve ever felt in your whole life and you realize you had no idea what you were getting yourself into. It’s just more than you could’ve ever imagined. It isn’t Pinterested or from the script of a rom com or even the same as hearing one of your friends’ relay their own happy tales. There is nothing abstract about it. It is a human person you’ve grown to adore more than you even knew was available from within yourself, standing in front of you in all your messy, imperfect glory, nervously and perfectly asking you to hang out with him forever. Because there is no other person he wants to watch Seinfeld re-runs with until the end of time other than you. I laughed and cried at the same time for so many minutes because it was the most and best I had ever felt before and the laugh-cry seemed the most apropos response.  
There is a song I keep getting stuck in my head and the line that's on repeat is this: He’s always been faithful to me. It would be tempting to try to forget the times that required some waiting leading up to this loveliness, but I will try not to do so. I will try not to gloss over them because they were important. They were meaningful. In a lot of ways, they made me who I am. Most of all what I want to remember is even at my most frustrated with the wait, God was faithful always. This new place in which I am a fiancĂ© is no different. Nor will it be in 6 short months when I am a WIFE, and we are a family. [!] God has been faithful. He will be again. I am full practically to exploding with gratitude.
I am so overwhelmingly grateful I get to share life with these two. I truly can’t think of anything more fun.

I would also like to take advantage of this venue to thank all of you, our nearest and dearest, for your overwhelming support in the form of texts, calls, Facebook likes, cards addressed to the Future Mr & Mrs, lunches, dinners & toasts, flights already booked, offers of help and further celebrations and you-name-it, and the general outpouring of love we have received since announcing our super fun news. I truly couldn't have anticipated the degree to which you've celebrated with us and met us in our excitement with yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Meanwhile, I ask for your patience as I try very hard to continue to write things whilst planning the best January Wedding since the Avett Brothers, with the understanding that every few sentences or so I have to stop because there is now something shiny consistently in my line of sight and I am obligated by what I can only imagine is a deeply ingrained biological urge to then gaze off, dreamily thinking about my future husband [or practicing my new signature, or thinking of something new I hadn't even thought yet to be excited about] for 30-50 seconds before returning to my task.




Alli said...

So beautifully exciting! "Here comes the bride"

Brandee Shafer said...

Congratulations! I always look forward to your blog posts. I'm trying to remember how I even found you (because you don't seem to be in my regular, bloggy circles), and I think it was because of the Cummings poem. GIRL. Do you need engagement photos? I would love to take those for you, on the cheap! I'm just outside of Richmond, VA. If you're interested in seeing some of my photography, friend me on facebook. Blessings to you on your journey...good on you for giving God the glory (Yes! He is so faithful!)...and that little girl is beautiful!

B. said...

Congratulations Meggers!
I still read your blog because it's in my bookmark toolbar and I think you're great.
You'll make a beautiful bride & mother.