April 11, 2013

here's to another year of exactly this

I haven't been blogging a lot lately. I've been busy, that's true. Plus now it's April which is the best because around the middle comes the day of the year on which I usually can convince anyone to sing any karaoke duet I want. Anyway, lots going on. I thought about doing a super braggy post about all the cool stuff I've been up to, and posting a bunch of pictures with cool hipster filters on them to depict for you how busy and important [and also cool] I have been being lately. Sure, I planned on doing that.

So last night, after I watched Sleepless in Seattle and ate a lime popsicle because it's my birthday week and I do what I want, I went to scroll through the photos on my sparkly little iPhone to find some cool stuff to braggily post up in here to shove all my cool happenings in your face.

What I found was a reality check.

I've been real busy, you guys. Reeeeeal busy indeed. This is one of my prouder achievements, really.

All lush-itude aside, I think back on each of those little punches to the people who came to my tiny doll-sized apartment to sit around and chat and wine [never whine] with me, drinking champagne and getting facials with the zombie statues who live in my backyard, Netflix nights, spending time with my cute dater, episodes of the Bachelor made that much better, singing 90's sitcom themes, laughing and laughing and dancing and singing and celebrating and coping. My growing cork collection and full punch card makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, to be walking through life with you truly wonderful human beings. And also walking, together, from my doll-house to the Wine Seller.

With that free bottle - whatever it may be - I will toast to each of you. To another year of exactly this.


Brandee Shafer said...

I found your blog not too long ago because I googled for the Cummings poem about being a little church. Then I thought I'd follow along for a little bit. My birthday is the 16th...how 'bo1819ut that?

Brandee Shafer said...

What the...? *BOUT

Elaine said...

Cute date? I need more info on this! Happy birthday again!