February 28, 2012

umm, funky chicken? [grAttitude]

So, there's this very exciting little app for the iPhone called HeyTell that I love. It's kind of like a walky talky in that you can voice-message back and forth without calling on the phone. It's like a text that's out loud and it's the best, especially when you are friends with the kinds of people who like to sing to you or call you with cute little kiddos with cute little voices. [Which I am, if you're wondering.]

I don't nanny much anymore, what with my big-girl job taking over my life and all, and so I like that my sweet friend Kim HeyTells me with cute kids all the time. And since she will surely be scooped up any day now by a perfect job, I know that I must drink in these cutie messages while they last. Yesterday when I got off work I was super cranky, but nonetheless we began HeyTelling back and forth, and I was exchanging jokes with Kim and a sweet little 5 year old boy named Teddy. His primary joke was, basically, to repeatedly call me "Funky Chicken" and tell me I should go to China and that he would pay for my ticket if I wanted. Jokes and jokes and jokes. Then he said, unprompted, in a tiny little voice, and I quote:

"Umm, Funky Chicken, can I someday see you? Cause I bet you're really nice. And really pretty, ok? Over."

Ask me if I was cranky after that. Go ahead, and I'll tell you that I wasn't, not at all in fact. And as silly and little as it was, it may have actually been just enough to protect me from the little bit of pain I was feeling before. I'm trying to do a couple of things better, and since you may be hearing more of these little snippets, let me tell you what they are: 1. I'm trying to be more thankful, and 2. I'm trying to notice ways Jesus loves me that are subtle and might in the hustle and bustle of a normal day go unnoticed. Things like compliments from a 5 year old who doesn't even know my name but doesn't really need to because if it's ok by me he'll just keep right on calling me Funky Chicken. [Which it is, if you're wondering.]


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Carman White Killion said...

I laughed out loud at my desk today reading this :) Love those little moments that pull you out of funks :)