December 1, 2011

the one where I guest post for reverie.

How I get so lucky as to be a guest poster on sweet Sarah's reverie blog, I just don't know. But sometimes she lets me and today is one of those times! The topic she presented spoke to my soul and I had no choice but to answer. Here is that answer. And while you're there, definitely read some of Sarah's brilliant writing!

Also, something funny: in order to submit this post, I had to post an original photo with it. I toiled over what to do and ended up having a delightfully awkward afternoon photo shoot with my friend and coming up with the photo for the post. But we also came up with these which I think demonstrate pretty adequately how not acquainted I am with posing for photo shoots. Hope you enjoy.


sarahannnoel said...

Love these photos. You are darling. So thrilled to have you on the blog today!


Unknown said...

i read your post over at reverie and loved it! i feel like it was something i couldve written for myself, word for word. we may be kindred spirits :) happily following you now!