July 27, 2011

ten recent revelations [I will never]

I'm going to share them with you now in the form of a list.

1. I will never not cry when I get in a car accident.

2. ... or when there are needles involved.

3. I will never not appreciate a good doo wop chorus.

4.  I will never get tired of reading Dr. Seuss out loud.

5. I will never feel settled when a relationship is not.

6. I will never not love making small talk with three-year-olds.

7. I will never think that the Bachelor/ette is stupid or smutty enough to make me actually stop watching it.

8. I will never not feel really pleased with myself when I successfully learn all the words to a song.

9. I will never see things clearly.

10. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly of all, I will definitely never think it's a good life choice to call in to Delilah's radio show at 11:00 at night to sing "a few lines of the song I want to hear." I don't care how good she says I am or how many times she calls me sweetie.

1 comment:

sarahannnoel said...

I am with you on all these things.
Except the Bachelor. Ew.