May 11, 2011

I can tell that we are gonna be friends

So sorry my blogging has been sporadic. That may be the case for a while because I am busy being busy and important at my job that's full time and important and keeping me so busy. And important. Am I bragging? Maybe. I'll stop soon I'm sure.

So far, so good -- at least in that I completed day 3 and I'm planning on going back tomorrow. I'm just in that awkward new-kid stage where everything is new, and I hate that. I like not being new. I like knowing things and knowing people and having answers instead of infinity questions and I like having friends and not feeling like I need to be cool and fun always and wear pink on Wednesdays so I can get in with the popular crowd. [In my head, work is a lot like the lunch room in Mean Girls.]

The thing that's annoying is that I can tell I'm going to like this job, a lot. I can tell I might even be good at it when I learn how to be and what to say and do and pretty much everything else I don't already know. I can also tell - and I pray wholeheartedly that none of them read this until we are friends - that we are gonna be friends. I only have a few skills I'm willing to brag about [including but not limited to: the Target Lady impression, great handwriting, funfetti baking] but one of them is that I can usually tell pretty quickly if I'm going to click with people or not. It's only Wednesday of my first week, sure -  but I'm pretty sure my coworkers are great. I like them and I think when I stop being gawky and awkward they might like me too. Both of those things are great and hopeful - but I'm ready to get there. I sort of want to just stand up at lunch tomorrow and be like, "Look, everybody. We're gonna be friends. Can we just skip the part where we pretend we're not sure about that yet? Give me a nickname and let's go to happy hour or something that people who work and are also friends do with each other."

More than likely I will exercise some restraint; I will lay low for a while and ask my infinity questions and try not to drive anyone crazy while I do. I'm not terribly patient, though, never have been. If we're not all besties by Friday at 5, I can't promise I won't try to win them over with funfetti. Nothing brings people together quite like funfetti.


Thomas said...

make funfetti, not war

Cal said...

Love you co-worker. I put candy on my desk and was awkward for at least 10 days. Maybe longer. Xo