October 11, 2010

why won't you wave at me?

To the drivers of Denver & other places I have lived and/or driven:

There are few things that make me more furious than those jerks on the road who KNOW that their lane is coming to an end and yet REFUSE to plan ahead and get over until their lane is 6 inches wide and they are about to crash directly into the side of my car. Fine, fine, you arrogant loser who clearly thinks your time is more important than mine, FINE. I will let you in. I won't even be rude about it. I'm calm, cool, collected, and far more mature than you. I might even smile at you, politely, inviting you to respond with matched courtesy. But do they? No. They don't. Not even a backwards glance as they cut in front of me.

It's just about as aggravating as lunch line cutters in the cafeteria. You think your time is more valuable than mine? You think you deserve warm, fresh lasagna and I don't? No, yeah, I see your point. Go right ahead. Let my noodles get crunchy. No big deal. It's the same story with driving. Yes of course, Toyota Tercel, I would love to let you in my lane. No, it's fine that you didn't plan ahead and are now holding up traffic. Sure, I'll be late to work, but at least you got up here faster than those jokers who merged lanes at the appropriate time - you really showed them. I was hoping to get through one more chorus of I Would Do Anything For Love before getting to the office anyway. Really, your arrogant merge habits are a blessing in disguise.

These are the kind, forgiving, very holy thoughts that fill my mind as that freaking Tercel cuts right in front of me day after day...

You're an especially terrible person. YOU ALWAYS WAVE! I'm pretty sure serial killers and bank robbers wave. A guy who just pulled off a jewel heist and is running from the law would probably wave if you let them merge in front of you. I don't care what kind of jackhole you are, you wave. Because it's courtesy. It's basic human kindness. It's THE RULE. It's the thank-you note of driving. It's a little ray of hope and sunshine in the gloomy darkness that is traffic. The wave has become so infrequent that it hurts me in my heart. Honestly, I think not waving is more painful for me than if you'd flipped me the bird. If I made a list of ways I would want you to respond as you squeezed in front of me in rush hour traffic, a middle finger would be listed just above doing nothing at all.

Next time some poor, crazy soul singing Meatloaf in a red Saturn Vue lets you in her lane (like you gave her much choice, just saying), just throw up the hand. Give a quick wave. You don't even have to wiggle your fingers. Just one swift arm movement up to the rear view mirror could change the course of my day and restore my faith in humanity.

It's in your hands now.

(I have this feeling that given my last two posts, someone is going to send me to anger management or the psych ward or something. But these are legitimate upsets, people! I know somebody is as enraged as I am! Right!? I'm just trying to bring it into the light so we can all find some healing. You're welcome.)


Thomas said...

microsoft and denver drivers are AHOLES. megan, i don't know if i could live somewhere where they don't wave. whatever happened to everyone in colorado being friendly mountain hippies?!

Michael said...

Thomas, the answer to your question, "whatever happened...":

All of California's overflow of residents, educated in the ways of overstimulation survival (i.e. overcrowded and narcissistic/soul-sapping entitlement, therefore oblivious to all others because they don't care/can't care), came here bringing their excellent manners.

Must make the qualifier that this is a gross generalization of CA people, as I am one of them, not infected but seeking asylum

sarahannnoel said...

SERIOUSLY. Just give me a wave, people.

People not waving has made me so outrageously angry, that I've turned into an overwaver. I drive down the street waving at everyone I pass whether I cut them off or I casually move in 100 years ahead of them. Constantly flapping, "Thank you" and "Oh, hello" or "Have a nice day!"


Mel said...

omg i JUST was talking about this the other day. NO ONE WAVES.

so depressing.