February 14, 2010

ahh, valentines day... we meet again.

Maybe you've heard of the concept of love languages?

Well, I'm 97% sure that blog commenting counts as a love language.
And I'm 100% sure that it's mine.

I want to say thank you to all of you who comment (be it in emails, texts, in person, on the phone, in the actual comments section, or just in your hearts - yes, those too) - I am so thankful for you. You love me so well & I am so blessed. It's like all the best human beings found me and decided to, for some unknown reason, be in my life. How fortuitous.

Oh, and speaking of the L bomb - it's love, if you were confused - it's valentine's day. Weird. Last year I was relatively positive about good ol' VD. This year I find myself in a similarly un-bitter state. Although my inner cynic thinks this e-card is really funny.

It is my sincere hope that on this, the Hallmark* inspired day of love, each of you feels loved. Somehow we have been convinced that in order to call VD a successful day, you have to be on a hot date, staring deeply into another persons eyes (and making everyone around you uncomfortable), rose petals need to be sprinkled somewhere, and probably at some point you need to be serenaded with some crappy Bryan Adams song. False. I'm calling BS. I hope that you just get to spend it with people you love. Or at least like a whole lot. No disconcerting PDA needs to be included, if you ask me.

(Although... I'll probably partake in some of that at some point or another - probably in the form of touching Alli's butt, holding Kimbert's hand for a longish period of time, or just face kissing unsuspecting friends. Physical touch is a love language too, you know. Shoot, I might even sing Bryan Adams. But that's not Valentine's Day specific, just run-of-the-mill behavior for me. So I think its acceptable. Yes, I'm finished now.)

I hope you are hugged, face kissed, or otherwise groped in some acceptably inappropriate manner this Valentine's Day. I hope someone tells you that you're their favorite. And I really hope that you feel in the deepest core of yourself how very much Jesus loves you. I assure you, it's a lot.

If nothing else, I love you. Probably, anyway. So there's that.

* Let it be known, I have no beef with Hallmark. I love Hallmark, actually. I am a huge proponent of greeting cards, and a frequent flyer at the Hallmark stores... just ask my rewards card. 
** And if you're into the sappy stuff, here's my very favorite love poem of all time. Of. All. Time.


Amie said...

Ahh Megan...I love YOU...you are my favorite! And Shelbie obviously does too...I miss you Shelbie...I miss Meggie. WhatEVAH! I think V-Day is a little silly myself...shouldn't we be telling those around us that we love that we love them all the time and make them feel special all the time not just on this day? But I had chocolate today to celebrate so I'm not going to complain.

Love your blog...love your words and most importantly I love you!

Alli said...

good ol VD?

and I love that my butt made this post

Alli said...

and that I got to spend v-day with you

too soon?