November 19, 2009

today, I am free

to wear what I want
----- & not wonder if you don't think my purple cords & boots are as kick-a as I do
to sing like a rockstar
----- & to like how I sound
---------- (in my car, anyway)
to say no
to write what I think
to say what I feel
to ask for what I need
to voice my desire
to not worry about the reactions I'll get
----- to my feelings, needs, desires
to recover
to do something different
to be fine
to not be fine
to paint my nails blue, if it feels right
----- (it does)
to be funny, if I want
to not be funny, if I don't
to say yes
to be heard
to be a little bit crazy
to listen to christmas music
----- even though it's not yet thanksgiving
to love who I love
to like what I like
to laugh like a dork
----- (and snort if its funny enough)
to be who I am
to like who I am
to love who I am
to desire freedom
-- & to be free

to look at this list & realize these things have not always been true
but also to realize that that's ok

because today, they are
today, I am free

and I like that

& I'm free to like that to my tiny heart's content

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sarahannnoel said...

This is really gorgeous.