September 21, 2009

put on your creative hats

It's ALMOST Halloween time again. I mean, more than a month away. But definitely time to be thinking of costumes. Definitely. Remember how good my costume was last year? Remember how epic our party was? Well, this year, our party has a reputation... which I believe will make it even better, bigger, epicer, than last year's. No joke. People have been talking to me about the Halloween party since July. It's a main contributing factor to the reasons I stayed in the house even when my roomies disbanded. It's a big deal.

That said...

What should I be this year??!?!!!!???!



Elaine said...

I think you should go as the one-upper girl from SNL. Not many people would know who you were, but I would! Actually, don't go as that, just call and leave me a message in that voice! I need a laugh!

Amie said...

go as the target lady