August 30, 2009

no words for the cuteness

So I'm technically a day late - but really I'm only a half hour late, so I'm counting it.

happy 2nd birthday Shelbie!!

here are some of the things I ADORE (and I do mean a-dore) about Shelbs:

- her fantastic taste in accessories and desire to have them on all the time - I love that about her
- the sweet way she puts her head on my shoulder when she's sleepy - I always offer to put her down/get her up from bed/naps... because I love that time with her
- the way she says my name - aunt meggie = a very clear "ahh miggie"
- her preshy presh little blondie curls and big blue eyes
- that when I say "smile" - that's the face she makes (above)
- her tendency to be naked
- that she is sweet and sassy all rolled into one - a constant source of entertainment - an all around cutie.
Do you not just want to eat her up?????

I feel SO LUCKY that I get to be that little girl's auntie!

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Amie said...

Ahhh...and she is SO lucky to be your little niece. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have sibs that love my kids like you do. So amazing. Loved your words about her...some of the very things I love and adore about her as well. Love you!!!