July 27, 2009

the MOTHER of all birthdays

Dear World,
As you may or may not have heard, today, my lovely and talented mother, Tracy Lynn Lyday Farrell... is FIFTY!!!!!!!!
thats right. Book 'em Danno, she's five-0!
She dances (and looks, clearly), however, like she's not a day over 25. See?
We celebrated with a SURPRISE party in KC this weekend, which was way fun and took the birthday queen totally by surprise!

5 things you may not have known about my mother:
1. She takes tap dance with her friends and is, "the best in her class" (according to her)
2. She loves rap music and also hip hop and also has an affinity for Disco
3. She thinks I am hilarious, which I clearly love about her. Except when she asks me, quite literally, to perform for crowds of people.
4. I think she knows everything about everything. I feel like I could call with any random question and she would know exactly how to do it/who to call/what the answer is. She's kind of brilliant.
5. Her faith is amazing - she loves Jesus with her whole self... I have been so blessed to have such a great model for what authentic faith looks like.
So here's to you, Mommy Dearest, the queen of hip hop and censored rap music, the cutest Mom I know, on this, the first day of your 50th year! I love you so much!

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PletcherFamily said...

Happy Birthday to Tracy! She is one of our favorite people too! :) She has always been Mat's favorite cousin.

We wish her well and hope she had a great day!