June 14, 2009

I'd say life is difficult to very difficult. On a scale of difficulty.

I still sit here and have no idea what to write. Even though I blogged once about Audrie, got over the hump, it's still hard. I don't know if I thought it would get easier, but it kind of hasn't. Still, every day it's the first thing I remember. Still, I can't do much of anything without remembering that Audrie is gone. Will that ever go away?

I went this weekend to Fort Worth to see friends and to attend Zach Margolis and Mary Elizabeth Whitson's wedding! Having gone to high school AND college with one Mr. Zachariah, and college with M.E., I was thrilled to be there for the wedding - it was a really beautiful service, and I got to see so many fun people! It was a surprisingly rejuvenating couple of days. There is nothing like seeing people who really love you and who you really love to just really feel refreshed. It's kind of unbelievable and also very wonderful.

Here are some pictures from said lovely encounters:
The lovely and wonderful Jacky Bui...
Bianca Quezada, who I also love.
My sweet friends: Jenna Beth, Ali Tabe, Karoo! [fyi: Texas is flipping HOT. sweaty hot. Colorado = upgrade.]

So that's that. We also had a fabulous time doing the Victory in the Valley walk for Aud on June 6. It was a fun way to honor Audrie, and we raised a bunch of dollas - won third place, actually... not too brag, but the Aud Squad is pretty kick@$$. Here are some pictures! Aren't those t-shirts fantastic?
That's all I've got. Thankful for a good weekend. Excited to see those two hoodlums (above) again tomorrow. Looking forward to Young Life camp in July and Kelly "Misdemeanor" Marhaver's visit in 2 weeks!

Also... can't help myself... special shout out to the Tingalings - Teen is preggo! I love that news. Congrats Teen and Frank!! [Soon, I hope, I will be shouting out to your sister when baby Eli comes!!!]

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