April 2, 2009

i am not sorry when sun and rain make april

more like... when snow and sleet and hail make April. who else is sick of this weather?

not only is that a line from my favorite poem and blog title inspiration, i am a little church, but it is true. I love April.
I love April because I think April is a very pretty sounding month name... and also (and most importantly) because my birthday is in April! if there is one thing I inherited from my mother (and lets be honest, there's more than one), it is the love of a good birthday. I LOVE my birthday. love it. not ashamed about loving it. and it's not because I like presents or attention (although lets be honest, I do), but I just love birthdays. other people's too. I think it's so fun to celebrate people and get to overwhelm them with attention and unnecessary amounts of singing and embarrassment on their special day. I think they are so happy. birthdays, that is. so there. this year mine is the day before Easter... and I'll be in Wichita with my fam and Beckie Johns! so fun.

lastly on this freezing cold pathetic excuse for an April day, read this: #512: thinking you're naked. I think it rocks worlds.

In other news, I hope someday I have kids who can dance like this kid.

Happy April!


Amie said...

okay...love your post today. and like you and your mom, i love birthdays too! love them! and i'm so excited about your birthday cake i can hardly stand it! timmy and i have been planning it...don't get too excited because it isn't that great, but timmy is part of the process and it will be fun! :-) love that boy dancing to shelbie's song! particularly like the 'looking at her' and the smacking his booty...hysterical. i was a bit afraid he would hurt himself though. and LOVE the stuff christians like post...just love that guy, thanks for sharing him with me. such a great reminder for today. i love you little sister! see you soon so we can celebrate you!