April 5, 2009

concerts that rock my world

Last night, we went to a concert... the Ten out of Tenn tour starring Andy Davis, Griffin House, Erin McCarley, Katie Herzig, Butterfly Boucher, Tyler James, Trent Dabbs, Matthew Perryman Jones, k.s. Rhoads, and Jeremy Lister. Now, I am familiar with a couple of those people... Katie Herzig was the special music singer at Frontier Ranch when I took kids back in college, so I know her stuff pretty well. But this concert seriously was delightful. 10 different artists switching around, playing together and loving it, and making really good music. I love live music, I really do, and this did not disappoint! I would have bought 10 cd's if that wouldn't have been wildly expensive.
So at the end of the show, they all 10 came out into the audience to sing a song - and they ended up coming RIGHT by where me and my friends were. Beckie was whispering in my ear the entire time that Andy Davis was practically touching me ("touch his butt! smell his hair! stick your number in his pocket!") it was a really cool little moment if I do say so myself, and so naturally, I took a little video. It's a little dark, but look how close they are! Man, I love stuff like that. I suppose I am easy to please, but this concert made me very happy. Giddy like a school girl, as Kelly "Missy Misdemeanor Elliot" Marhaver and I used to say. So here's the video.

Songs I recommend you invest in/investigate: the song every girl was swooning over, by the dreamy Griffin House: "the guy who says goodbye to you is out of his mind," "Let the Woman" by the equally dreamy Andy Davis who performed in a fedora and purple velvet jacket (the fedora count was out of control at this place), White Dash or Gun for a Tongue by the incredibly bada$$ Australian bassist, Butterfly Boucher... I was also impressed by Erin McCarley, but that was mostly because she is approximately 3 feet tall and wore about 12 inch heels the entire concert. Very impressive. Also look into "Pitterpat" by her. And Katie - "forevermore." The others were good too, I'm just pretty sure you're getting tired of me recounting every individual song. No? Oh, and Tyler James, who looks about 15, plays a mean trumpet and can actually pretty adequately rock out on the piano. It was such a good concert.

In other much less exciting news, Aud is back in the hospital (hopefully for a very short visit!) and continued prayers for her are much appreciated. I am looking forward to heading home at the end of the week and still just struggling with wanting to be there, well, all the time. I am currently praying for a very providential job situation to come up to make it possible for me to be there this summer.

ok... off to study... happy palm sunday!!

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