April 20, 2009

blogging in coffee shops is perhaps the ultimate in cool

I'm writing a paper. (yes, another one)... this one is on my personal position on integration (of theology and counseling) which I love because I don't actually have to do any research, I can just write what I like and make it sound pretty without having to cite any miserable research articles. As an aside, when I was working yesterday on my other paper I asked the people I was sitting with what was another word for "dynamics" because I had used it 7 times in one paragraph. This horrible guy (who, as an aside to my aside, sat and harrassed my friend and I for far longer than his welcome warranted) was all, "it's a technical paper. don't try to make it sound pretty, just write what you mean." Loser. What's the fun in writing a paper if I can't make it sound pretty? and if I don't want to use the word "dynamics" 8 times, then I won't, thank you very much. oh and by the way, unwelcome chatty guy, could you please go away? thankssomuch.
BAck to my original purpose and point, I just quoted Madeline L'Engle from Walking on Water and I can't get over how much I love this:
"If she is truly and deeply a Christian, what she [does] is going to be Christian, whether she mentions Jesus or not. And if she is not, in the most profound sense, Christian, then what she writes is not going to be Christian, no matter how many times she invokes the name of the Lord."
I just love that!
That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I intend to be a Christian counselor who does not only counsel Christians. ha!

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mdh said...

i'm now an official "follower" of this blog. love it. :)

i also officially miss you. don't love that. :(