March 31, 2009

sometimes we get lost, but soon we'll be found

well, I'm back in Denver... trying to regain some semblance of a normal life after this crazy month or so. I got to finally spend some good time with my friends Allison and Beckie today after not seeing them for practically a month... so I'm feeling more and more in the loop again with every passing moment! and you know how I like to be in loops. all loops, really. lets just be honest. I am big into loops and being in them and all that loops entail. We know this about me... the hopeless extrovert. such is my plight. (let it be known that in the past, I have used 'plight' incorrectly. this seems more right. we'll see.)
so that is life. Spring Break was more of the same, spending time with my two sweet nieces and getting my butt kicked in board games by both of my cutie pie nephews. it really was a lovely, relaxing week. and can we talk about how it is going to be APRIL tomorrow??? I mean, how did that happen? seriously. where does time go?
this week is pretty basic... it is spring break at Denver Christian so I get two more days off internship. since at one point I toyed with going to San An this weekend (and now am definitely not), I had asked off work too! So I have two WICKED long shifts tomorrow and Thurs (9 and 6 hours respectively... what the heck) and then friday, saturday and sunday I have... get this... NOTHING GOING ON. what does that even mean? I forget what you even do when there is nothing on the schedule! here are the things I am toying with: pedicures, shoe shopping, matinees, being really ambitious and going to the mountains... the world is my oyster! Denver is, anyway. I'm going to a concert on Saturday night with some friends which I'm excited about too. I don't know many of the performers (there are 10!) but the ones I do know are Butterfly Boucher, Katie Herzig (a young life singer!), and Erin McCarley. all things that include being in the loop thrill me to no end. it's like I'm 15 and I just got ungrounded or something. only my parents didn't ground me... life grounded me. what? what am I talking about? I have been over-utilizing metaphors lately and I get myself (and probably others as well) confused. no more metaphors for me today. promise.

did I mention that I chaperoned the DC 8th grade dance last weekend? well, I did. it was hilarious... not much going on in terms of awkward slow dancing or anything, but the kids had fun even if they claimed that at times "it was, like, sooooo lame." whatever. don't think I didn't see you having fun, you little brats. I got to play the roles of gatekeeper (no, I'm sorry, you can't go outside by yourselves), counselor (what's the drama? why are you crying?), nay-sayer (no, I'm sorry boys, even if you pay me $20 with your pooled funds from your velcro wallets I will not leave and drive you to the movies), hair stylist (why yes, I would love to straighten your hair for you), and excellent dancer (yes, thats right, we danced too! at one point one of the 6th grade teachers was bouncing her butt off of mine and I thought I might die from the pure hilarity of the moment). it was pretty fun and highly exhausting. here was my outfit for the "hollywood" theme - with Allison, one of my co-interns:If you're wondering, no one else dressed up other than me and Allison. but if you ask me, we looked like a million bucks, and every 8th grade boy asked if they could borrow my "scarf" at one point or another. and yes, I meant to type 'boy,' if you were confused.

finally, here are my two favorite pictures from the week at home:
shelbs borrowing my Uggs:
and, timmy, the slerber head:
and that is that!
keep praying for Audrie and Wilson... I would like for cancer to leave them alone! they are two of the strongest people I know. I feel pretty lucky to have such amazing role models!

and finally... I am brought back, again, to Habakkuk today:
"though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls - yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior."
How lovely that even when everything sucks (which I firmly believe is the contemporary way of recapping part one of that verse), God never changes. God is always something to rejoice about. times are sucky and yet we rejoice; we find joy. I think that's lovely.

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