March 1, 2009

put a penny in the slot

here's what I'm doing: cleaning. deep cleaning. and laundry. including sheets. organizing my life. getting ready for another busy week. recovering from a busy weekend of birthdays and general merriment. being excited about the 2 hour movie event of Brothers and Sisters tonight!

here's what I'm loving: the season of Lent - seriously - I am loving it. I went to an awesome Ash Weds service and since then have just been all about this Lenten thing... this is potentially the first time I have taken the time to take Lent really seriously and actually wonder about what the whole deal entails. we had an awesome sermon this morning about giving God what we least want to give. so good.
I'm also loving my internship... I am having so much fun getting to know the kids. I have one 2nd grader who I see on a fairly regular basis - and every time I go to his classroom to pick him up, he pumps his arm and says "Yesssss!" under his breath. makes my day every single time.

here's what I'm listening to: "I Don't Know" - by Lisa Hannigan. It is the best song I have heard in a LONG time... I can't get enough. here's my fave line: "I don't know if you can dance - if the thought ever occurred to you; if you eat what you've been given or you push it around your plate... I'd like to cook for you, all the same. If you want to, I am game." I'm also enjoying Ingrid Michaelson's live cover of Radiohead's "Creep." both are more than worth the 99 cents on iTunes.

here's what I'm reading: Lottery, by Patricia Wood... for Book Club! I like it so far... and Mom and I have the same book for our respective book clubs this month! so fun! I also read for school every now and then, too.

here's what I'm looking forward to:
my spring break trip to Houston and San Antonio. the Bachelor Finale tomorrow night (finally I get my Monday nights back!). my friend Juli from high school moving here this summer! my friend Jenn from Trinity visiting and potentially moving here this summer as well!

here's whats new: I started attending a new Bible study and we're doing the Truth Project - just like Mom and Tim are doing in Wichita! I enjoyed the first week a lot. The question that he posed at the end has me thinking: "Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?" umm... do I? I mean, I'm tempted to say yes... but my life pretty much says otherwise. if I believe in the mighty, saving grace of God... well, lets just say that my life doesn't so much reflect that I believe that. which troubles me pretty greatly. I believe a lot of lies. I'm looking forward to being reminded of the Truth!

here's what I'm laughing at

that about covers whats going on in my life. just wanted to keep you up to date. and I've got to be honest... I also just wanted something easy to add and cross off my to-do list. I love adding silly things like "upload pictures to facebook" and "update blog" and then crossing them off like I've really gotten something big accomplished. it's the little things, I suppose.

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