March 11, 2009

a note on job security

So I'm in this coffee shop trying to study. Simple enough. However, I am not sure which is more perturbing: the fact that I simply cannot make my fingers type words about the nature of personhood, or the 27 (quite possibly not an exaggeration) teenyboppers who just infiltrated Solid Grounds with their skinny jeans and swoopy hair and hair ribbons and general LOUDNESS. don't get me wrong - I love a good teenybopper. It is a known fact - I truly do. but at this moment I am finding myself filled with very little teeny love.
Here's what I see from where I sit: three giddy teeny girls trying very hard to act cooler than they are while a clearly very cool teeny boy with a metal studded belt holding his pants in place directly in the center of his butt approaches to sweep them off their collective feet. Awkward teenybopper side hugs as far as the eye can see!! Maybe I can count this time as observation hours or something for my degree. That sounds fair, right? and that way I'm not totally wasting my life at this moment.

I'll just keep telling myself that this scene should inspire me to learn as much as I can so I can be a really good counselor to teenybopper girls who are enraptured by teenybopper boys with their pants that show their butts. They need my help, they need my help, they need my help...

Ok. The decision is made. I legitimately cannot get anything done in this environment - albeit inspiring. Off I go to my home where I will inevitably be enticed more by my bed than my ethics book and personhood paper. Such is life. At least I have been reminded that the need for my profession will be alive and well as long as teenyboppers are still teenyboppers. Job security is always a good thing.


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