February 2, 2009

wasting perfectly good mondays - remix

I remixed the 25 random things list for Facebook and I think this list is funnier... so I'm re-posting. because I can.

1. I scored a 30/30 on the extroversion scale on the MBTI

2. I think my 4-yr-old nephew Timmy is the funniest person I know

3. when I was about 8, at least once a day I would flip my hair to one side and hairspray it (like DJ Tanner), then smash my nose with my finger (like some girl at school), look in the mirror, and wish that God would make me look just like that. please don't ask me why.

4. my biggest fears are Roombas, people who sleepwalk, turning into a debbie downer, Drop Dead Fred, heights (recovering), and walking into the Men's room on accident.

5. when I was little, there was a time when I was under the impression that male private parts were detachable.

6. I'm super impatient and appreciate immediate gratification

7. someday I'm going to get a tat and it's going to be awesome.

8. I miss being in choirs and having an excuse to sing on a daily basis. as a result, I hope to one day (sooner than later) belong to some kind of adult show choir

9. I think snot is the absolute 100% grossest thing on the entire planet

10. I wholeheartedly prefer real, printed pictures to digital ones

11. I am really good with names and faces. so much so that sometimes I pretend not to know people because I'm afraid it will make them feel bad for not remembering the one time we met 12 years ago. or they'll just think I'm creepy.

12. I have something ridiculous like 40 first cousins.

13. I have a blog. which I think makes me a blogger.

14. sometimes (more often than I'd like) I snort when I laugh.

15. I only recently retired/stopped sleeping with "roadkill rabbit," which was a stuffed bunny who slept under my head from age 5 to about... 22. and I mostly did it just because people kept making fun of me... not because I got mature or anything.

16. I paint my nails at least two times a week. I find it therapeutic. also I really can't stand chipped nail polish.

17. in middle school I collected X-Men cards because my best friend was a boy and convinced me that was something I should invest in. also, I collected pogs. also, I am a sucker.

18. I love TV shows from the 90's... my so called life, dawson's creek, party of 5...

19. I think heaven will be full of breakfast tacos from Panchitos. or Taco Taco. either way.

20. I am writing this note in tandem with Beckie Johns at the Panera in Aspen Grove instead of studying.

21. I don't like Oprah. not even a little bit.

22. I'm a little bit good at doing voices. however, I reserve the right not to perform if you ask me to... so... I'm just warning you

23. car washes make me really nervous. here's why: the other day I accidentally went through twice because I got stuck in the loop and couldn't get out any other way than to go through it again. true story.

24. I air-write a lot. so, if I'm holding a pen I will write in the air whatever is being said or what I am thinking. if I don't have a pen, I'll write on my thumb with my forefinger. people have started noticing... and I'm trying hard to stop. because its a little bit weird.

25. I love Jesus... but I drink a little. does that count as two?


Elaine said...

14 and 18 ditto

Anonymous said...

oh megan...this is great! i learned a thing or two about you. and #3 made me laugh out loud, timmy wanted to know why i was laughing and i couldn't really explain why. i don't air write, but i do write on my leg, or whatever other body part is available ALL the time. i think it's weird but i can't stop it. love you! amie