January 28, 2009

on character flaws

I was just struck by one in particular, for me, anyway. I can be really oblivious. This, ladies and gentlemen, nearly drove Mme. Tracy INSANE while I lived with her. I honestly don't think it's laziness (you'll understand when I explain) although Trace might argue otherwise. I think it is pure, unadulterated (just go with it) obliviousness. Lord knows I am the farthest thing from type A anyone ever saw, and maybe this is part of that.
Here's what made me think of it.

There is a shampoo bottle on the floor of our bathroom. It is empty. The other day, in the shower, I used the last drop - and I tried to aim it out of the shower into the trash. I missed. Since then, it has been lying helplessly on the floor of the bathroom. Here is why I say I am not lazy - I haven't noticed it. I remember the moment when I tossed and missed, but since then, it hasn't fazed me. Until today when I saw it and I thought, "I should throw that away." This happens to me a lot. Things like shampoo bottles lying amok around my house. Stuff like that just doesn't bother me.

On a completely unrelated note, I spent today babysitting for a cutie 1-yr old named Eliza. I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing that is better than the moment when you go into a babes bedroom after their nap and they are standing there, holding themselves up on the crib, BEAMING at whoever it is who has come to take them back into the bright world filled with toys and bottles. At the risk of sounding like a complete sap, that is one of my really favorite things.

Lastly - I would encourage those of you who feel so inclined to check out this blog: Stuff Christians Like. Really funny and often, really poignant. [Sidebar: I always feel awkward using the word poignant. But it feels right. So I'm leaving it.] This post from today really REALLY hit home for me.

with that, I am taking my beautiful flowers that I just got (more on this later) and watching Lost and then hitting the hay... first day at Denver Christian tomorrow as a school counselor INTERN! I'm such a big deal.

As I sit here, I realize I haven't actually thrown that bottle away yet. Too busy planning this blog post. Don't worry, Mom, I'm going now...


Thomas said...

my ocd self still doesn't get how you can let that bottle sit there (i'm mom's son), but that blog post is exactly what i need to hear. a lot. thanks.

Elaine said...

Too funny. I'm the same way. It drives Jerod CRAZY. I just don't notice that there are clothes lying all over the bedroom!

Good luck at your internship. I'm doing my internship at Hicksville High School, so if you want to trade crazy student stories, I'm here!

PletcherFamily said...

Mat is like that too! He will just leave stuff lie around and I wait and see how long it sits there. The answer....forever. Or until his wife picks it up. I don't mind it - I just don't care enough, but it is funny!