January 1, 2009

a happy new year, to all that is living - to all that is gentle, kind, and forgiving

a year in review...

last january, I started babysitting for cutie pie, Bodie:
and I went to visit my alma mater:
in feb and march, nothing very cool happened.
I played with my friends. and I had really long hair.
in April, I turned 23, and my friends (new and old) were fabulous.
AND THEN, I cut off all my hair!
May was a good month... I house-sat for a sweet house with Allison...and Cally and Adrian became Mr and Mrs Chenault!and in June, Emily Lebens became Mrs. Cameron Young...
then in July... yes... another wedding! Jessi and Brock Dahl.
We celebrated, in Farrell Fashion, with an 80's themed party... on a party bus.Note the bride: in gown, in front.August... Susan moved in!in September... we saw Sigur Ros at Red Rocks:And October... the Halloween party of the century thrown by the girls of 1403!November (technically December, deal with it) brought Thanksgiving and Ruthie's wedding!and now, December... Holiday fun with the family. also a little violence.Which brings us to the present moment! New Years was kind of a bust... we had high hopes for a fun night out downtown but it was a bit more stressful and annoying than fun. The best part was these shoes, provided by my sweet sister Amie!

So I welcome 2009... and I kiss 2008 SAYONARA! I hope that this new year will bring healing from stupid cancer for my lovely sister, Audrie, and for my sweet friend Wilson.

On a lighter note, I hope also for many more occasions on which to wear those shoes. Because they are fabulous.

Those are the two big ones, really.

And although I am not much for resolutions or any of that crap, I do like the new year... I like the blank slate and all that. I've been listening to a song today that's making me think about this new year in a way thats pretty much a "there's no time like the present" kind of attitude. Its kind of a conversation, it would seem, between God and, well, me. Ha.

"'If you want to see, I can open up your eyes;
and if you want to live, I can open up your life;
and if you want to love, I can open up your heart.'
'Where do we begin? When will this life start?'
'How about now?'" - jonah werner

How about it? Happy New Year!!

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happy new year meggie!