January 13, 2009

chi town got tip drill

I went to Chicago!
I saw Thomas:I saw Emily: I saw Kristin:And... I saw WICKED!!What a glorious time. It was such a fun weekend. Catching up with Kristin and Emily, viewing Thomas' Northwestern life... braving the terrible SNOW! Plus Wicked was AMAZINGGGG... seriously. It was SO GOOD. and, thanks to Thom, we had AMAZING seats, too! Yes, all of these caps are necessary to emphasize how grand the experience was. I loved it. Full pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2043131&l=b575a&id=24900146

The Bachelor started last week... so fun. I am in a fantasy Bachelor league... I have a team of 5 girls and I get points when they do well. If I win, I get a dozen roses sent to me! It is so funny and fun to have a vested interest in what happens. I watched it last night with Chelsea and our commentary was clearly hysterical. If you watch, I picked (in order of how much I like them) - Jillian, interior designer from Canada; Melissa, former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader; Kari, who wears her hair funny and wrote Jason a poem; Stephanie, the old, scary looking widow and single mother who is absolutely the nicest person ever; and Nikki, who got the first impression rose and whose boobs are perpetually hanging out all over the place. FYI.

Started my intercession class yesterday... 5 hours of theology, every day, for two weeks. EEEEEK. its hard to pay attention to ANYTHING for 5 hours at a time. Unless it is Twilight. Which I am done with, by the way. All 4 books. A little bit sad... but just in time to focus on school again, which is good, I guess.

This particular blog post goes out to Erin Cooper, so she can get a good, voyeuristic look into my life, which she requested this morning. Here you are, my creepy little friend. Check her out in the blogroll right to the right. I have also added www.ihategreenbeans.com which you will love if you love the Bachelor (cough *Amie* cough).

ok, there it is. blogging. I'll try to remember to do it more often...

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Anonymous said...

ok so jillian and melissa are my faves too! love your post...thanks for sharing photos of your trip to chicago! love you!