December 13, 2008

if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it

So, in order to help us all get through finals, I made this little video for inspiration (between studying for my Stats final and writing my take-home test for Family Therapy.) It has been a big hit... I even got some emails from professors with compliments. So, if you so desire, you can click this link: to see my counseling professors dance a little number for us...

I am relieved to be done with school, and relieved that Audrie is getting healthier after a rough couple days. I may not ever, however, get enough sleep to make up for the last two weeks. we indulged in a bit of finals-are-over madness last night; and by madness, I mean entirely too many people with entirely too little sleep. one round of balderdash took us like 4 hours. We laughed, though, that is for sure... and it was fun.

Plans for Break...
reading multiple books (including Twilight, no judging please); seeing every movie I want to see; skiing tomorrow (barring bad weather); hopefully going to Jump Street (major amounts of indoor trampolines, yes please); a LOT of laundry; Christmas shopping!; home to Wichita for more of the same; back to Denver for New Years!

song of the hour: Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyonce. We pretty much sang it (dancing included) all night last night. its just so good.

happy break!

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PletcherFamily said...

The video was so cute!
I love that song by Beyonce - saw the SNL skit too - it was really funny.

And I am a Twilight reader - no judging here! :)

Have a great break!