December 28, 2008

christmas in Kansas: the full story

This is Megan, reporting live from Kansas City, Kansas from Nana's house. Lovin every minute. I have been utterly lazy on this break... lazy especially about keeping you up-to-date on every single minute of my ridiculously exciting life. My apologies. Here's whats been going on over this lovely break.
I am in the middle of the third of four Twilight books. I took a week-ish long hiatus because I couldn't possibly stand another night of reading until 4 am or until whatever ungodly hour I actually finished the book. I have always been a sucker for books... can't sleep till they're finished. The first two didn't even take me a whole day each to finish. Out of control. I am doing a much better job of rationing the third, and am well-rested today to prove it!
Oh, AND I saw the movie. Such a disappointment. The books are way better. And yes, I am 12. Actually, last night at our hotel (on the fashionable Kansas City Plaza) I was on the elevator with a girl who couldn't have been more than 13 and she had the EXACT same book in her hand that I was hiding in my purse. I was so ashamed. Not ashamed enough to stop, but ashamed nonetheless.
I have slept. A lot. Thats about all there is to say about that.
Have had Christmas with my parents, Gram and brother; one with the Farrells, one with my seesters, and now the last with my dad and his side of the fam. Divorced parents leads to lots of different Christmases. Nice to see and be seen, but I'm glad I'm on the home stretch. One can only handle so many gift exchanges, cheese balls, and festive holiday spirits. Always a lovely time, and always a lovely return home as well. Can't wait to write my thank-you notes!
So, really, its been pretty thrilling. I do have my lack of an internship looming gloomily over my head, but I try not to let it get me down. Until last night when my aunt replied to my unknowing with, "So really, you don't actually know anything, do you Meg?" No. I certainly don't. Cue panic attack. But that wasn't the highlight... I think that would have been when my Nana asked me how many patients I have "lost" so far. As in, have any of my clients ended their own lives under my care? It was a terribly pleasant dinner.

I kid, I kid. Gotta love family at the holidays. Makes for some funny blog entries, which is something, I suppose.

Ooh also, let me take this tiny moment to congratulate Mark and Lorrie (and Ethan, Owen, and Audrey, as well!) on the arrival of Elyse Noel Hostetler; and Carrie and Jonathon HICKS on the new pregnancy! Can't wait to see the preciously cute trequel to Marcail and Gabe :) I love babies.

Off I go... big day of brunch, shopping on the Plaza, and Colts football ahead. Gotta keep up!


PletcherFamily said...

Your blog posts are GREAT! I love reading family holiday stories. Sounds like you are having fun. I am also a closet Twilight fan, and agree about the movie. You will like book 4! :)
And Carrie's married name is Hicks. :)
Have a great holiday!!

Carrie said...

Glad that you had a fun holiday! You'll find an internship - no worries! Thanks for the compliment on the kids! We think they're kind of cute, too! :)