November 1, 2008

it's time to try defying gravity...

(thank you Maybelline eyeshadow for covering my whole face all night long.)(please note my stockings and ruby slippers and broom)
(the hostesses and residents of 1403 university... note my counterpart, Glinda the good witch!)

here it is - halloween. the party (and I do mean THE party... of the year) was a HUGE success. I think there were at least 100 people who came, total - even our neighbors ventured over from their lame party! granted, they were huge creepers, but such is life. it was a GREAT party. I spent the majority of today basking in last night's wonderfulness. I am, however, still sick with some kind of cold/flu type situation... I was able to rally for the party though, never you fear! It was so fun. For a full rundown of the costumes, etc, please visit my facebook album here: (for those of you without facebook.) There were some hilarious costumes... among my favorites were: She-Ra, princess of power; mashed potatoes; Mugatu (from Zoolander); the guy in the shower; 2 mormon missionaries; ghost busters; Ben Franklin; all of the Plastics from Mean Girls; and Quail Man. People went all out! and our house wasn't totally trashed, either, which is GRAND. So fun. I wish it wasn't over!

There you have it.

good new music: new Ray Lamontagne CD (Gossip in the Grain) and new Ingrid Michaelson CD (Be OK) - both winners in their own right. Ingrid's is superb. I highly recommend it!

peace, love, and costume parties...

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Unknown said...

I am baffled by Mabelline eyeshadow doubling as green face tint. Brilliant.