October 28, 2008

oh what a day it is today

picture one: out on the town at Rio, which makes the best (and strongest) margs in Denver and perhaps even the surrounding area.
middle picture: this is pre-night on the town. those are my new fabulous jeans that I may never take off ever again. You'll be relieved to know that I washed them finally... no worries.
lastly: Annual Red Bull Soap Box Derby at Red Rocks with Dan (left) and Justin (right). SO FUN. AND, I was informed today, Justin and I made it on the news!! Someone saw us having a ball at the Derb. How cool is that?? I'm famous!

Also, I decided on a Halloween costume... but I'm not telling what it is... I'm just going to post pictures when its done. It's gonna be good...

big hearts to you all!

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