September 10, 2008

I'm just sitting on the shelf

I've been feeling like a major Debbie Downer lately. Lately being... the last three days. I've decided to give it up. Cold turkey. No more "wah, wah's" for me! Look at me go. What a proactive Wednesday. So here is a blog entry about all of the things that are good or exciting in my veritable world at this current moment. [Sidenote, I have no idea if that was an appropriate use of the word "veritable," but it felt right, so I'm deciding to leave it there.]

All of the things that are good are these:
- spending my classless, JCrew-less wednesday
at Cafe Europa with Beckie Johns, listening to good music, catching up on emails, and reading good books for my good classes
- in October, I'm going to get to see Hanson (yes, Mmmbop Hanson - see picture) in concert. Matty Wertz (my favorite ever) is opening... and I'm thrilled.
- free music download of Phil Wickham (amazing) at I highly reccommend it. I am recently in love with "Beautiful."
- Heathen dinner tonight!! Long story short, me and my friends Beckie and Joel were in a small group for a class in our first semester - and whenever we met for our projects, we always drank beer and ate pizza. So, we dubbed ourselves the Seminary Heathens, thus forming the Heathen club. Heathen dinners have since come to include Joel's wife, Marlin, as well as our friend Justin. I love Heathen dinners. So so much.
- my fabulous weekend with the new Mrs. Jessica Dahl! Look how much fun we had!
- that I live in Colorado and get to drive 30 minutes to go on hikes with my friends...

So, life is pretty good I guess.
Oh. Except for my new roommate. No, not Susan. Becca and Sarah are fine too. Even the dog, Daisy, is good. My new roommate is... sadly and grotesquely, a mouse. One or many? I'm choosing to believe it's one. This mouse (we'll call him GusGus) likes to scurry his little self into my room at night. Which has made me COMPLETELY and TOTALLY PARANOID. I think every noise, hair, movement, ANYTHING, is GusGus. It's ruining my life. I can hardly sleep without imagining the little guy crawling into bed with me. Something has to be done. I think I have to kill GusGus.

New favorite CD: She & Him. Favorite Song: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here. And that free CD. I love free stuff. OH and Amos Lee's self-titled CD, Amos Lee. Favorite Song: Bottom of the Barrel. Enjoy some good music (and a pumpkin spice latte - back in your local Sbucks!!) and the fabulous weather... I love fall.

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Elaine said...

eeeeeek a mouse in your house! i think i would just die. set some traps!

glad you are thinking positive! love ya!