September 11, 2008

I'll alert the media.

I feel the need to tell all of you that Fall is here - my favorite season of all - which also means these things: that the pumpkin spice latte (and really lets be honest - I get excited about all things pumpkin flavored) is at Starbucks (and thank you to Amie for alerting me via text... that was a beautiful thing to wake up to... and also I'll call you back soon, promise) and, more importantly, that I have dark and vampy nails once again! This beautiful dark purple that I purchased at Ulta.
Fingers and toes. Sorry Mom.


Elaine said...

darn you. after i read your earlier post today i just HAD to go get a pumpkin spice. i paid for it in the middle of class when a certain...ahem...urge...arose. TMI!!!!

But it sure was YUMMY.

Elaine said...

ahhh yes, your mom does hate the dark polish!

Thomas said...

the word "vampy" and purple nail know exactly who my mind jumps straight to.