August 12, 2008

all that I know is I'm breathing

Once again, faithful blog readers, I am here to regale you with the tales of my lovely little life. In the past few days, I have started to blog several times... but to no avail. I think I have been in a funk. A week-ish long funk. My lovely core group used to laugh because someone, every week, would state during check-in that they were in a funk. We passed the funk around for 3 delightful years. Ha. Needless to say, I have become perturbed with said funk, and decided to kiss funk goodbye. Goodbye, stupid funk.Exacerbating my current state has been the disaster of yesterday: the most horrific of all things... a bad haircut. Now, I know, its only hair. HOWEVER. I went in for a TRIM, yes, a trim, and ended up looking like Carol Brady: In the process of fixing the Mrs. Brady debacle (I'm not kidding... it was bad news, and I literally said the words, "um, I kind of look a bit like Mrs. Brady. Can we fix that?"), I have quite the short little bob going on. Now, I have been repeatedly assured that it does not, in fact, look as bad as I firmly believe it does. I KNOW its not that bad - but I didn't ask for or want short hair!  So, there is little anyone can do to console me. Dramatic? Yes. But hair is a big deal. Don't try and convince me it's not. My short short hair will eventually grow. In the meantime, I wouldn't comment on my haircut if I were you. 
On a less horrific note, the summer semester is finally wrapping up and it's almost time for the next one! Normally, I would be sad to be going back to school... but I am actually quite excited. Looking forward to: new classes, less classes than my last insane semester, the valiant return of my friends who went away for the summer (cough, BECKIE, cough), new people (some I know, some I don't), etc. etc. Not to mention this heinous semester of self-awareness and discovery is coming to an END! I am legitimately exhausted from learning so stinkin much about myself. I get it - I'm crazy. Old news. Let's move on. 
Ahh, yes. My house. Looks SO fabulous. Sarah (my roommate) and I spent about 7 hours on Saturday cleaning, organizing, overhauling, and decorating! It was glorious. Last weekend, overall, was pretty fun times... went to Rob Drabkin's show at Falcon Bowl (weirdest venue ever) with Sarah, after an Olympics party complete with chinese food to make us feel as though we were in Beijing... spent Saturday re-vamping the house. Saturday night Sarah and I discovered our new favorite mediterranean restaurant in Denver, Ya Hala (ya hollaaaaaa) and then capped off the night with lots of Wichita people at Downtown Tavern. THEN, on Sunday, Thomas came through Denver and we had a 100% lovely day. And there you have it. 
I have this kind of obsession with downloading everything free that ITunes has to offer. There is a section that is updated weekly on the ITunes store that is "free on ITunes" and I just feel the need to at least try all of it. I end up deleting 98% of everything I download, but it is kind of fun. Anyway, point being, I just listened to a free excerpt from the book "Skinny B*tch"... and it was, well, interesting. I've been kind of weirdly curious what the deal is with this book, and now I know. Its a fairly crude approach to kicking women's butts into being healthy. Anyway, it was a little funny, and while I would never listen to or read more than the 17 minute free download offered, it did convince me that I REALLY need to stop drinking coffee. Dangit. New project: stop drinking (so much) coffee. It really is unnecessary. They also, in the free excerpt, referred to all pop as "liquid Satan." Interesting. Not quite ready to give up Diet Coke. Baby steps, I think.
Lastly in today's news, I am heading to the lake this weekend. Joining me will be my completely crazy family. (No offense family. I already admitted I was, too.) I'm super excited. They might be crazy, but they're mine.

Ok well, enough about me. What do you think of me?

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midwest princess said...

i HATED that book skinny bitch! i looked at it in borders for about 15 mins one day. it convinced me not to drink coffee for day. and then i was like, this is b.s.! coffee grows out of the ground, right? well then it must be ok. don't let that book push you around!