July 27, 2008

I've been thinkin about my doorbell, when ya gonna ring it? when ya gonna ring it?

went to visit thomas in the mountains! it was WAY fun. it is seriously the greatest thing ever that I live 1.5 hours from a weekend getaway in the Rockies! what a fabulous thing about my life. in moments like that short and beautiful drive, I wonder why I would ever want to move away from this state, ever. but then there are about 36,000 reasons to move to kansas too, most of them being people I love. so lucky for me, I don't have to decide right now. ha!
anyway. allison and I left around 5:30 friday night and were at crooked creek around 7:45, after checking into the Rocky Mountain Inn & Hostel. handy thing number two about this mini-vacay: hostels. cheap cheap. love it. anyway - we got to Crooked Creek and I just was practically in love with it immediately! we met up with thommy, then allison and I stayed for Club and Jonah Werner's concert. (Fun fact: Jonah, the CCR camp singer, was also my camp singer when I was on work crew at Trail West many moons ago. so so fun!)
Allison and I slept at our hostel friday night... woke up saturday morning when the two other inhabitants of our hostel dorm room woke up (not much choice there, they were, well, not considerate) and had a nice leisurely delicious breakfast at Sharky's... this really great little dive in Fraser. We went to camp, hung out for a few hours, watched the Broken Heart play, watched Thomas do his jobs (guarding lives), and visited with some fun Wichita folks too. I was having serious flashbacks to when I was at camp as a gawky, awkward 15 year old... we LOVED the summer staff boys. COLLEGE BOYS! we thought they were so cute and such a big deal... and we would stand around on the last couple days trying to work up the guts to get pictures with them. So I get there, and I'm not kidding, within 5 minutes, this gaggle of girls comes lurking up and is like, "um, Thomas, HEY! um, could we like, get a picture with you?" and that is when I realized that Thomas, my dorky little brother, is that summer staff heartthrob!!!!! I nearly died. It was incredible. Some things (15 year old girls, anyway) never change I guess.

happy happy sunday!!!

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