July 27, 2008

but all I ever wanted help with was you

I've decided to share with you my summer playlist.
the soundtrack, if you will, to my ever-so-glamorous life.

1. Many the Miles - Sara Bareilles
2. Tables and Chairs - Andrew Bird
(+ the rest of "The Mysterious Production of Eggs")
3. Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros
4. Nothing But the Best - Frank Sinatra
5. Railway - Dispatch
6. Unsingable Name - Mike Doughty
7. Another Sunny Day - Belle and Sebastian
8. The Offer - Katie Herzig
9. Be Here Now - Ray LaMontagne
10. P.D.A (We Just Don't Care) - John Legend
11. Viva la Vida - Coldplay (+ the whole new cd)
12. Myriad Harbour - The New Pornographers
(once you get past the name, they're really good.)
13. PIcture to Burn - Taylor Swift (can't help myself)
14. My Doorbell - The White Stripes
15. In the Ayer - Flo Rida
16. A Man / Me / Then Jim - Rilo Kiley
17. Sing to the King - Passion Worship
18. Nothing (Without You) - Derek Webb
19. The Crane Wife 3 - The Decemberists
20. Just Like the Movies - Regina Spektor

so, it is potentially a little funny that I just made my own top-20 list as though any of you care what's on repeat on my Ipod. regardless, I'm going to go ahead and push "publish post" anyway. so there.

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