June 22, 2008

yep, twice in one day. its my blog. I can do that.

sorry sorry, I have a couple of more things to share with the world.

1. I am getting really good at doing my own nails. now, I'm not one to brag, but I'm just like, really proud of this! really! Chelsea and I have been discussing the possibility of a counseling practice in the future - therapy and spa! I'm going to do nails and counsel at the time time, Chelsea's going to do hair... I think its going to be a booming success. seriously. mental health combined with beauty products... its like a dream come true.

2. this is great. so last night, Chelsea and I are in the car on the way out to Parker, CO where Allison was housesitting, and we were talking about where all the boys are. ha. it was a pretty funny conversation... we decided we would really like for all of the good, cute, fun and cool Christian boys to congregate in one place and then just come to us. that would be the ideal. so, we head to the house to have a fun, low key girls night, and when we get there, Allison is on the phone with her guy friend from Budapest who happens to now live in Colorado Springs. He's on his way back from a Rockies game and will be passing through Parker and wonders if he and his buddies can stop by. We say sure, clearly... and I kid you not, this guy shows up with TWELVE (yes, twelve, as in 3 guys/1 girl ratio) guys, all of whom are spending the summer at this discipleship/work deal. all of whom are pretty good looking, Christians, mostly available. Chelsea decided that God was thinking this was a pretty funny joke... after our earlier conversation, 12 guys showing up literally at our doorstep??? what are the odds??? it was completely awkward, awesome, and hilarious. after we stopped laughing behind their backs at the hilarity of the whole situation, we had a pretty fun evening playing Wii and trying to learn all their names, etc. 12. I don't think you really realize how much 12 is until they walk in the front door one by one. ridiculous.

life is so funny sometimes.

3. oh yeah. I now am an official member of the workforce... I am the newest (I mean, I think) sales associate at JCrew in Park Meadows Mall. it's true. retail is less than thrilling, I'll be honest - but the discount is to die for. so there's that.

until next time, download: viva la vida (new Coldplay... pretty good); nothing but the best - frank sinatra; young folks - peter, bjorn, and john; and lastly, answer - sarah mclaughlan. love them. oh, and watch: http://www.hulu.com/watch/19279/saturday-night-live-kaitlin-at-the-mall if you want to die laughing.

peace up...

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