May 17, 2008

there will be tables and chairs, there'll be pony rides and dancing bears, there'll even be a band...

it is true my dears - I am DONE done DONE with my first whole year of graduate school! that wasn't so bad... this coming weds I, Megan Greaves, will be officially available to see clients. clients = people who are seeking counseling. and will be assigned to me. as their counselor. for counseling. for help. AHH. who thinks this is a good idea?
ha - so, I wrote that several/many weeks ago, back when I was merely a student. now, ladies and gents, I am a real-live therapist! I have clients! who see me for 50 minutes of therapy every week. how wonderful and terrifying is that? I am loving it - it's pretty exciting that this is what I'm going to be doing, you know, with my life! so, let me give you a little "greatest hits" of all the things I have been doing with my ever-so-glamorous life since summer started!
our first summer outing was rollerskating at skate city in Littleton, CO. Let me tell you a little bit about Skate City. On Saturday nights, it is Christian fellowship night... which involves a lot of awkward teenagers, Christian rap (so so glorious) and slow-skating to "I Can Only Imagine." Needless to say, as a group of 20-30 something seminary grad students, we found this whole scenario incredibly entertaining.
Below, you will see the lovely inhabitants of 1403 S University Blvd! also known as - my roomies. Becca, Julie, and Sarah! for Julie's birthday, after a wonderful bbq in Wash Park, we went to The Ogden for some karaoke... needless to say, a fun time was had by all!
Then, I had my last day with Mr. Bodie. So sad!!! I miss having baby time all the time... life is a little happier when there are babies involved, I think.
A big highlight... my beautiful friend Emily Lebens became Mrs. Cameron Young in Omaha, NE! The wedding was b-e-a-utiful and so much fun... open bar, live band, best friends; what more could a girl ask for? I also learned that the drive from Denver to Omaha is about as much fun as the drive from Denver to Wichita, only with a few more interesting smells. Lovely. And here are the lovely cores... Katherine, Jamie, Cally, Emily, Lori, and me. I love these women... see you all in Key Largo!
Hmm... what else... Allison and I threw a KILLER bbq in Wash Park on Father's Day... we had a fabulous turnout, I built a grill, we started a fire, we had good food, we played sports. it was glorious.
Lastly, in terms of highlights, this weekend we went to dave and busters for my friend Christopher's (left, in the hat) birthday, which was a wild time... lots of fun and games and such. a fun time was had by all. as you can see, chelsea and I took to a game where you get to drive a semi. chelsea drove, and I rode shotgun (and honked the horn)... and our friend Andrew took pictures. so fun.
so that is a picture montage of my summer thus far. sorry its been so long since my last post! I know its unforgivable... but please bear with me... I have a crazy life!! Also, I tried to do cool things with this post and have the pictures be all wonky and stuff... and I'm pretty sure I failed. But the thought of re-uploading makes me want to die. so I'm not going to. deal with it.

and so, on this not-so-sunny sunday, I am going to go finish watching Pretty in Pink (gotta love Molly Ringwald) and enjoy the remainder of my day! much love.

May 13, 2008

you might be the sweet unspiteful

so, I have been just BEYOND MIA lately. SO SO SORRY! it has been a whirlwind of baby-sitting, studying. paper writing, traveling, cleaning, housesitting, playing, sleeping, orchestrating, and so on and so forth. seriously. I am currently in the midst of the worst exam week I may have ever experienced - after traveling this past weekend for the blessed nuptials of my dear and lovely friends Cally and Adrian Chenault, I came back to FIVE FINALS - 2 yesterday, 3 tomorrow. Misery. having taken Old Testament and Groups yesterday, I've been working since then to prepare for Diagnosis, Careers, and NEW Testament tomorrow. after which I am going to sleep forever, clean my room, car, and life, do my laundry, play with my friends, and rejoin the race of functioning human beings. I anticipate it being completely glorious. But for now, I will continue to run almost entirely on caffeine. Yesterday I had a quadruple shot latte for breakfast, followed by three more (free!) cups of coffee for lunch. During my second final I was so jittery I wasn't sure if I could sit still for the whole 100 questions. Probably a poor decision - and one I likely will NOT repeat in the future. The 4-shot latte was not entirely my fault though, the barista at starbucks accidentally made it stronger than I asked, but I didn't complain. It was all very Taylor the Latte Boy (for those of you who know the reference) - only the guy was married and it was 4 shots instead of 3 and it was on accident instead of because "he loved me too." If you will.
as you may have surmised, smart readers that you are, I now must continue to study, as the finals I have tomorrow will not be easy and in order to not fall asleep during them I am going to have to at least allot SOME time for things like sleeping.

I will follow this email with a more thorough and complete update in a couple of days... I know you're all dying to know how the wedding was, how housesitting was, what I'm wearing today, if my hair is curly or straight, things of that nature.

in case you are wondering, my finals playlist includes: sara bareilles, john legend, and andrew bird. all of which are lovely and completely different. SB = pretty girly and not that cool, JL = as justin so eloquently put it "sounds like baby-making music" and AB = is pretty weird and delightful and a little bit cool.

group of besties from the power seven:

group of core group besties:

the bestie from both of the above!