March 10, 2008

tear your curtains down, for sunlight is like gold

hiiiii everybodyyyy
things that make me not want to study: beautiful weather
things that are currently ruining my life: midterms
so that's that.
not much going on here in sunny, fabulous Denver... I am in full swing of midterms, which is, at this moment, ruining my life. dramatic? I think no. I would say I am looking forward to spring break, which is looming so closely in the future, but even then I'm fairly certain I'll be working on a take-home midterm and a paper. gross. I am, however, pretty darn excited about heading back to Wichita for a while for Easter and SB... really can't wait for that. I've been getting all kinds of nostalgic lately and missing my family. namely I look at new pictures of timmy and shelbs and it takes everything in me not to get in my car and drive there! soon!
I went to the Spurs/Nuggets game on Friday night! oh so sadly, my Spurs LOST - but never you fear, they beat the Nuggets tonight by 4. HA! for those of you (cough, TIM, cough) who say to me that now that I live in Denver I need to be a Nuggets fan - I say this - I will probably always love the Spurs. fact. I will root for the Nuggets... but only when they are not playing the Spurs. ok? ok.
I am newly obsessed with the movie "Once" - the modern day musical! I watched it with Allison and Sarah on Sat. night and I LOVE it. I bought the soundtrack (the music is incredible - specifically I love "Gold" and "Falling Slowly") and have been listening to it constantly. love. beautiful movie. watch it!

other things you might need to know:
new favorite thing Timmy has ever said: Wabioli (translation: Ravioli; context: "I had wabioli for dinner. do you yike wabioli? do you have wabioli at your house? you do? mommy, she has wabioli at her house too!")
other recent thing ruining my life: I pulled my hamstring (skiing, I think, SHOCKING) and am limited now to working out on the BIKE, which I hate. lame.
new ways in which I impress men: by changing the channel on the TV at the Y to ESPN (to watch the Spurs game)
new fave song pretty much: Low by Flo Rida featuring T-Pain. what.
new hobby: critiquing thomas' facebook profile and making him change things I don't like.
new favorite way to waste my life: Karli, (Bodie's mom) gave me the website. I emailed her the next day saying this: "now that you have given me this website, you're going to have to start paying me more so that I can afford both groceries AND handcrafted accessories!" she responded: "maybe I can start paying you IN handcrafted accessories. you'd be hungry and homeless but you'd sure look cute on the street!" love it.
other other thing that is ruining my life: I currently can't find my favorite necklace! Bodie ripped it off me the other day and although I fixed it, I fear it may have fallen off! say your prayers for my necklace. please. I beg of you.
new grossest thing ever: last week, I'm pretty sure I went 4 days without washing my hair. I got this cute hat recently that covers the hair just perfectly when the last thing you want to do is, well, your hair. don't judge me.

thats all I can think of. hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my life.

ps. Lori - I know you will read this and then probably send me another email telling me you want to know more things, and this is my public way of telling you that I adore you, love you, have not forgotten who you are, my fingers are not broken, and I will in fact call you sometime soon. a blog shout out for a blog stalker is supposed to be a pretty big deal I think... I hope you enjoy it!

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midwest princess said...

this was a great post. now, i think i am finally caught up on EVERYTHING megan greaves.

it's sunny here today too! happiness.