March 20, 2008

if it gets any sweeter than this, I don't want to know

midterms are, well, over. sort of. I have a take-home midterm to do over break as well as a pretty substantial paper due the week after... but still. the week of going to class and taking impossible tests is completed. AND - I got my new testament midterm back and I got an A! which is baffling! I was sitting there before he handed them out thinking, "if I got a C, it will be fine. Even a D. I'll deal." and then I got an A! fabulous. really set me off to a good springy start. I am SO excited about going home and seeing my fam and the babes and stuff... can't wait to get there tomorrow!

these pictures are kind of funny. Chelsea and I, having a photo shoot with our ice cream cones... Allison (photographer) says "Lick it!" - both Chelsea and I think she says, "Look at it!" and this is what we get. Laughed so hard after the fact that I had to run to the bathroom in order not to pee my pants.

so with that, I leave you. be thinking of me tomorrow as I make the wretched trek across eastern colorado, western kansas... misery.

OH but also, look how cool I am, I filled out an NCAA bracket! big deal huh? I know nothing about any of the teams. so basically, its a shot in the dark. but I picked KU to win it, which I think was a good decision.

new song to listen to: Katie Herzig - Fools Gold

shalom out!


Carrie said...

Have a great break and blessed Easter!! I pray your trip home was uneventful! :) Tell your Mom I said hi!

Elaine said...

Your hair looks so cute here. Happy Easter, fdaht!!

P.S. Did my answers about pre-marital counseling work for your paper??

midwest princess said...

Happy Easter Meggie!