February 29, 2008

you got me trippin', stumblin', flippin', fumblin'

hello beautiful people!
here we are on this beautiful (and I do mean gorgeous - high of 60 and sunny - AMAZING) leap year day! how exciting! I don't have all that much to report, really, but since I am overdue for an update I'll see what I can do in the way of a review of whats new and exciting in my glamorous life.
I recently learned (thanks to Nick Arojo on TLC's What Not to Wear), after something like 10 years with curly hair, HOW TO DO my curly hair and not to look like a lion. this information is essentially rocking my world.
Kelly came to visit, she ROCKED her interview with Regis for PT school, and GOT IN! so basically, she will more than likely move here, to Denver, in August. SO FUN and fun and fun. YAY!
hmm. Last night tried out this champagne bar downtown for Beckie's birthday called Corridor 44 in Larimer Square, and it was so fab. I felt pretty glam, gotta be honest.
TONIGHT - I am beyond excited, because I am going to The Toad Tavern. let me explain. the Toad Tavern is this little bar across the street from my friend Lacey's apartment, and I have been talking about wanting to go there since the beginning of the semester (because, I mean, its called TOAD TAVERN - the Triple T) and my friend Rob Drabkin (see: myspace.com/robbrocks) is headlining there tonight!!!! when I saw the flier for the first time, I nearly wept with joy. so that is tonight. fun live music and my favorite place I've never been to. this is a pretty big weekend for me I think!

I can't think of all that much more to say at this time - wish me luck at the Toad tonight and I hope you all have fab weekends as well!



midwest princess said...

the toad tavern sounds amazing. and i love your curly hair! have a great weekend! xoxoxoxox

Elaine said...

preeeeeeety hair. have a fabulous weekend, my fdaht

Carrie said...

I hope you had fun! You always look gorgeous.