February 3, 2008

skiing, take two: reality sets in

I have yet to stop laughing from yesterday's events on the slopes. I went skiing for a second time with three of my favorite people, expecting (for whatever reason) to have a glorious, perfect, skillful, day of skiing. but alas, this was not to be. and for us 4, who after yesterday we agreed to be akin to a group of special needs kids allowed out without adult supervision, the day was anything but uneventful. allow me to, without naming names, tell you a little about our day.

having gone down one green (beginner) run, I (along with my trusty friends) decided that I was surely ready to take on a blue (intermediate) run. clearly. mind you, on the green run, we also ended up going too far and ended up back in the parking lot where our car was, and had to ride the gondola back up to where the lifts are. off to a good start, I think!
we make it back up, find a blue run, and I am presented with the steepest hill of snow I have ever seen, and I begin to panic. After a pep-talk from my skiing buddy for the day (who shall remain nameless - the other two left us for snowboarding together), I snowplowed through the hill, and didn't even fall! wonderful. on this run, I began a pretty steady stream of falls that were pretty fun - one had me sliding pretty far down the mountain on my back, head first, one ski parallel to the rest of my body up in the air. we decide we have time for one more blue before meeting the boarders for lunch, and we head down Claimjumper to the base of peak 8. little did I know how this was about to go...
so it basically went like this: I would go ahead of my friend in case I fell, I would get going (too fast), lose the ability to stop, and end up eating it (or making myself eat it at the alternative of running into a tree) almost every time. apparently, according my friend who was behind me, she could always tell when I'd lost control, and it was pretty funny to observe, not to mention the massive wipe-outs I was taking. needless to say, my friend laughed so hard at me that she, well, peed her pants. which made for a cold remainder of the day for her... and a hilarious laugh for the rest of us.
my other darling friend, unfortunately, broke her ankle. SADDD. we were a pretty sorry bunch by the end of the day. today, I feel as though I essentially was beaten with a baseball bat yesterday... I am a little sore, normally, but I am also quite banged up from the intensity of all my wipe outs. lovely.

so, in retrospect, I realize that I need to stick with the greens until I well, know how to ski. HA. good call.

with love from a sore, battered megan,
and happy superbowl. go Giants.

song of the day: Benny and the Jets - Elton John

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Elaine said...

I can't believe one friend peed her pants and the other broke her ankle! That's crazy. Be careful out there...don't end up like that one Kennedy...or Sonny Bono!!