February 18, 2008

cause everybody's heard our lovely stories

things to notice: new haircut. new headband. my lovely friends, allison (right - she is crippled at the moment from a snowboarding accident) and beckie (left). nothing else fun to report really - except that KELLY is coming to visit in THREE glorious days! hooray! until next time,
see: Martian Child with the Cusacks (John and Joan, both of whom I LOVE)
download: Heysatan by Sigur Ros for a lovely study/nightime song... it is some Icelandic band and I'm pretty sure its not English or any other known language, but somehow, it works. as well as: Losing Keys by Jack Johnson (the whole new CD is pretty good!)

biiiiiig hearts.
also I straight up copied Elaine and re-did my whole blog layout. SOOOO lainey, thanks for the idea! and the great time-passer this afternoon!


Elaine said...

yay for blog makeovers!!

Carrie said...

Love the new blog layout! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your new blog, but love your new do even more...you look fantastic. You are awesome! I love you! Amie

midwest princess said...

it's booootiful! And you look boooootiful!