January 16, 2008

official initiation into legit coloradoism: skiing

It is true: and official: I SKIIED!
my friend melanie and I decided, one fateful thursday, that we should ski. first available day? saturday. and there it was.
we drove to Keystone at 7am on Saturday, excited and secretly fearful for our lives/limbs. it took us 3 hours to drive the 1.5 hour drive due to ski traffic (I-70 goes to Keystone, Breck and Vail... among other mountains) and upon arrival/viewing lifts/seeing skiiers seemingly plummeting to their deaths, we began to panic. we spent about 30 minutes trying to put on our ski boots at the car, which we decided was probably not boding very well for our day on the slopes!
we walked to the ski school, and were informed that a class was leaving right then - so with no time to freak over the imminent danger and massive charge to our credit cards, we grabbed our stuff and headed out with Derald (yes, Derald) our instructor, and 2 other first-time girls. cue heart pounding panic attack.
the rest of the day went in a direction I never could have predicted. first of all, I am a pretty good skiier. like, seriously. I know its shocking - no one was more shocked than I was - but it was SO SO SO FUN. I only fell once all day - Derald was so proud of me. AND, apparently, my deathly fear of heights has subsided, as being on the lift, dangling in mid air, had zero affect on me. it was actually kind of fun, not to mention BEAUTIFUL. who can believe that I live in a place where such amazing beauty and splendor is only a couple of hours to the west?

I was going to go again today, actually, but when we woke up this morning and checked the weather, it was -14 in Breckenridge with a high of 2. HAHA. no thank you.

so, to all the nonbelievers who (admit it) thought I would live here and never ski, you are wrong. and something I thought I would hate, I loved! how lovely. I couldn't be more pleased.

please enjoy below evidence: mel and I all decked out in our not-so-flattering ski gear (I'm pretty sure ski pants add 30 pounds, no lie), and me on the lift (because I was pretty sure if I didn't document it, my mom would think I was a liar. seriously.)


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Thomas said...

surely something is going on in denver, you aren't in school. it's time you filled the world in.