January 28, 2008

I don't know why I know these things, but I do

well hey there lovelies!
Thomas, as per usual, brought it to my attention that I have not said anything in a while. well, Thomas, thats because I've been out having a life. I suggest you try it.
haha - I kiiid. I have, however, been a pretty busy lady these past weeks. since skiing, I have been a social butterfly with all my Denver friends - who I am loving more and more with each passing day - and I also went to SAN ANTONIO! let me tell you - a glorious reunion was had by all. or something. long weekend debriefed briefly (haha) is as follows:
arrived in SA, Lori picked me up. stayed with Kara and Madison at their cute little house, and Ali and Ellen were there to celebrate me, clearly. in the morning we picked up Kristin from the airport, and we obsessed over eachother for a while, then headed to Trinity, to see every little Sigma that ever there was, with special appearances by Jessica Mattsson, Jason and Malia and a HUGE 2 year old Zeke (!), among other thrilling and exciting individuals. Blah blah blah, Clint came on Saturday (after our day of eating at Twin Sisters and visiting Papa Dean's Popcorn) and we all went to Pat O'Briens for some debauchery and fun (haha - which is relative to all of our old-ness that apparently sets in once you graduate from college, weird.) Sunday I was at FPC - saw my high school kiddos along with lots of others... you get the idea. it was a crazy, whirl-wind few days, but such a blessing to be back with my besties, to cuddle with Sandy, to talk with Lori when we should be sleeping, to laugh and be amazing with Kristin, etc. etc. so so good and so so needed. the end.

since then I have actually been legitimately kind of cool - went on a day excursion to the Denver Art Museum which I am obsessed with, now. Learned this from one of the more contemporary exhibits, an artist who utilized, well, stripes: "A stripe is just as real as a g*dd**n flower." - Gene Davis. Thank you, contemporary art.

since then, game night, ice skating and outlet shopping in Dillon, CO, and lots of fun conversations, some really REALLy late nights, and other fun things.
AND - found a church I'm going to stick with. Denver Community Church. love it.

ok thats all - some pictures because I feel like these are boring without them, then I'm off. LOVE LOVE!

listen to: He Said She Said - Ashley Tisdale. best workout song EVER.
read: Water for Elephants. I LOVED it.

HAHA - oh yeah, minor thing, I started school today. having been to two classes, I know that I am obsessed with my Old Testament class (seriously) and professor, and pretty much hate my Groups in Counseling class. Ideal.

peace out -

a glorious attempt at couple's skating with Allison:

with some of my best friends of the world in San Antonio

sexy faces with Ali and Kara - note: Kara is not, in fact, flipping off the camera. although it really looks like she is.

with my skating date, Allison!


Thomas said...

oh wonderful!
well, social mchavealife, i do happen to have a life that consists of:
a) school
b) pledging
c) school
d) working out
e) school
f) not going outside when it's cold
g) school
h) pledging
i) school
please note, eating and sleeping are not included. they're way overrated.
anyway, i'm glad you are so good at having a life, so i can live vicariously through you.

auntmeggie said...

ahahaha - social mchavealife. THOMAS MADE A FUNNY!!!!

Thomas said...

i know! and it didn't come from you! i was quite pleased myself.