January 30, 2008

I've got soul but I'm not a soulja

another cummings poem for your appreciation:

it is at moments after i have dreamed
of the rare entertainment of your eyes,
when (being fool to fancy) i have deemed

with your peculiar mouth my heart made wise;
at moments when the glassy darkness holds

the genuine apparition of your smile
(it was through tears always)and silence moulds
such strangeness as was mine a little while;

moments when my once more illustrious arms
are filled with fascination, when my breast
wears the intolerant brightness of your charms:

one pierced moment whiter than the rest

-turning from the tremendous lie of sleep
i watch the roses of the day grow deep.

"one pierced moment whiter than the rest"

January 28, 2008

I don't know why I know these things, but I do

well hey there lovelies!
Thomas, as per usual, brought it to my attention that I have not said anything in a while. well, Thomas, thats because I've been out having a life. I suggest you try it.
haha - I kiiid. I have, however, been a pretty busy lady these past weeks. since skiing, I have been a social butterfly with all my Denver friends - who I am loving more and more with each passing day - and I also went to SAN ANTONIO! let me tell you - a glorious reunion was had by all. or something. long weekend debriefed briefly (haha) is as follows:
arrived in SA, Lori picked me up. stayed with Kara and Madison at their cute little house, and Ali and Ellen were there to celebrate me, clearly. in the morning we picked up Kristin from the airport, and we obsessed over eachother for a while, then headed to Trinity, to see every little Sigma that ever there was, with special appearances by Jessica Mattsson, Jason and Malia and a HUGE 2 year old Zeke (!), among other thrilling and exciting individuals. Blah blah blah, Clint came on Saturday (after our day of eating at Twin Sisters and visiting Papa Dean's Popcorn) and we all went to Pat O'Briens for some debauchery and fun (haha - which is relative to all of our old-ness that apparently sets in once you graduate from college, weird.) Sunday I was at FPC - saw my high school kiddos along with lots of others... you get the idea. it was a crazy, whirl-wind few days, but such a blessing to be back with my besties, to cuddle with Sandy, to talk with Lori when we should be sleeping, to laugh and be amazing with Kristin, etc. etc. so so good and so so needed. the end.

since then I have actually been legitimately kind of cool - went on a day excursion to the Denver Art Museum which I am obsessed with, now. Learned this from one of the more contemporary exhibits, an artist who utilized, well, stripes: "A stripe is just as real as a g*dd**n flower." - Gene Davis. Thank you, contemporary art.

since then, game night, ice skating and outlet shopping in Dillon, CO, and lots of fun conversations, some really REALLy late nights, and other fun things.
AND - found a church I'm going to stick with. Denver Community Church. love it.

ok thats all - some pictures because I feel like these are boring without them, then I'm off. LOVE LOVE!

listen to: He Said She Said - Ashley Tisdale. best workout song EVER.
read: Water for Elephants. I LOVED it.

HAHA - oh yeah, minor thing, I started school today. having been to two classes, I know that I am obsessed with my Old Testament class (seriously) and professor, and pretty much hate my Groups in Counseling class. Ideal.

peace out -

a glorious attempt at couple's skating with Allison:

with some of my best friends of the world in San Antonio

sexy faces with Ali and Kara - note: Kara is not, in fact, flipping off the camera. although it really looks like she is.

with my skating date, Allison!

January 16, 2008

official initiation into legit coloradoism: skiing

It is true: and official: I SKIIED!
my friend melanie and I decided, one fateful thursday, that we should ski. first available day? saturday. and there it was.
we drove to Keystone at 7am on Saturday, excited and secretly fearful for our lives/limbs. it took us 3 hours to drive the 1.5 hour drive due to ski traffic (I-70 goes to Keystone, Breck and Vail... among other mountains) and upon arrival/viewing lifts/seeing skiiers seemingly plummeting to their deaths, we began to panic. we spent about 30 minutes trying to put on our ski boots at the car, which we decided was probably not boding very well for our day on the slopes!
we walked to the ski school, and were informed that a class was leaving right then - so with no time to freak over the imminent danger and massive charge to our credit cards, we grabbed our stuff and headed out with Derald (yes, Derald) our instructor, and 2 other first-time girls. cue heart pounding panic attack.
the rest of the day went in a direction I never could have predicted. first of all, I am a pretty good skiier. like, seriously. I know its shocking - no one was more shocked than I was - but it was SO SO SO FUN. I only fell once all day - Derald was so proud of me. AND, apparently, my deathly fear of heights has subsided, as being on the lift, dangling in mid air, had zero affect on me. it was actually kind of fun, not to mention BEAUTIFUL. who can believe that I live in a place where such amazing beauty and splendor is only a couple of hours to the west?

I was going to go again today, actually, but when we woke up this morning and checked the weather, it was -14 in Breckenridge with a high of 2. HAHA. no thank you.

so, to all the nonbelievers who (admit it) thought I would live here and never ski, you are wrong. and something I thought I would hate, I loved! how lovely. I couldn't be more pleased.

please enjoy below evidence: mel and I all decked out in our not-so-flattering ski gear (I'm pretty sure ski pants add 30 pounds, no lie), and me on the lift (because I was pretty sure if I didn't document it, my mom would think I was a liar. seriously.)


January 11, 2008

January 7, 2008

if I was a flower growing wild and free, all I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee

I don't know what part of me thought "oh yes, I have a difficult time responding to emails and phone calls and am a pretty big loser about communication in general, but clearly, I will be able to keep up a blog!" not so, my friends. not so.
however, I am trying! I could tell you something stupid like that my new years resolution is to blog more, but that would be, well, stupid. as well as not true. I feel, in general, that new years resolutions are... well, stupid. haha. I mean, on the 31st I can't manage to run everyday, but on the 1st I'll have the resolve!? no. I think its a lovely concept, and I'll grant that the new year is a good time to decide to make changes, but be realistic! allow yourself some breathing room! I feel that NYR's set you up to fail and feel like crap, which is mostly why I don't like them. but hey. if you really can, in one day, decide to make major life changes, more power to you and tell me to shutface! I only encourage you to be proactive about making changes in your life for sure, if they are needed, but don't be too terribly hard on yourself!

SO. I am back in lovely, snowy Denver after a delightful break with my family and what 3 friends I have left in Wichita, and am glad to be back to my house and in my bed and such. I am always struck by the fact, too, that I pretty much set foot in my Wichita house and immediately revert back to age 15. seriously. I'm messier, snittier, stupider, lazier, and more sensitive. its insane! within a day, I swear, my room is a mess, I haven't gotten off the couch from watching America's Next Top Model for 3 days, and I've taken to saying things like "whatever" and I've rolled my eyes so many times my head hurts. ok, so I'm exaggerating for sure. but there is something about being at home with my siblings and parents that makes me forget that I'm kind of an adult now and stuff. interesting. all that to say - my visit truly was lovely, and I was glad to be able to spend time with the fam adequately, be there for hard things, love people with hugs instead of phone calls, and mock my mom endlessly for not cooking. haha. there's no place like home!
I start my nanny job tomorrow for real! Tuesdays and Thursday morning/afternoons I will be spending my time with the aahhhdorable 5 month old Bodie. I went and spent time with his mom, Karli, today and got to view the babe himself in action - and he is superb! it will be hard not to compare him to my perfect niece Shelbie, who is a little younger than he is, but I think I can handle loving him without taking Shelbs off her pedestal, which I'm certain is unshakable. I got to stay with Timmy and Babes for a couple of days over break, too, which was wonderful and exhausting - Amie, you are potentially superhuman, because, both days I barely managed to even get myself out of my pajamas before the end of the day! however - wonderful and priceless, to be sure. love those kids! and more on my new job as it develops! and perhaps I will sneak a picture of Bodie on here so you all can view my new charge!

ok - so - hanging out, trying to kill time before school starts at the end of jan; visiting San Antonio (SO SO SO EXCITED) in 10 days for MLK weekend - for reuniting with old friends and besties and general merriment in ol' Mexico... and that about covers it.

movies I think everyone should see:
Juno, Atonement, Enchanted. all amazing.

people whose music I think everyone should listen to:
Sara Bareilles, Josh Ritter, John Legend.

love love and merry christmas and happy new year and all that jazz. until next time, see movies and resist the urge to make ridiculous new years resolutions. I'm just saying.