November 1, 2007

where I live & what I baked.


have you ever SEEN a bluer sky?!

I still can't believe I live in the mountains.

I've never felt prouder than I did tonight when I baked these Chocolate Drizzle Pumpkin Cookies straight out of my fabulous November issue of Everyday Food. plus they are DELECTABLE. I even fashioned one of those drizzlers of chocolate (which I melted myself) out of a plastic baggie. I've pretty much never been more thrilled.

Its been a day of great beauty, my friends.

ps. happy November!
pps. DL: November, by Emerson Drive - best song ever

ppps. shoutout to Emily -
Michael: Attention everyone. I... DECLARE... BANKRUPCY!
Oscar: You know you can't just say it, right?
Michael: I didn't just say it, Oscar. I DECLARED it.
- The Office

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midwest princess said...

hahahaha. thanks for the shoutout. last night's episode was great. those pumpkin cookies look amazing. can you post the recipe?!