November 18, 2007

my b, dawg

so, in retrospect, I totally misused the word plight. it's definition is: a condition, state, or situation, esp. an unfavorable or unfortunate one: to find oneself in a sorry plight. so really, I am not in one of those at all. I would say my starbucks mission (we'll go with mission) is anything BUt unfavorable or unfortunate. So. sorry to have misled you. carry on.



Elaine said...

ahhhh. see i thought you were being sarcastic, like, "oh it's such a tough have to try all these tasty beverages"

ya know?

auntmeggie said...

haha, nope... i'm just an idiot. but we'll go with your answer :)

have a happy thanksgiving! love yooou

Elaine said...

you need an update like, whoa