November 16, 2007

i'm a sucker for happy endings

beloved readers,
greetings! I am due for an update I think, and clearly since it's friday night and I'm babysitting and I couldn't write another paper if you paid me, I decided now was the time. I'm babysitting again for my friend Mark's cute kids while he's out on the town with his wife. Owen, who I believe is 3, got out of bed a few minutes ago, said "mrs. Megan?" and when I went to the stairs, shoved his finger on my face and politely informed me that he had a boogie on it, and kindly asked if I would remove said boogie. after I finished throwing up in my mouth a little (if you know anything about me and boogies... ew) I promptly wiped it off and sent him back to bed, allowing myself to laugh. didn't want him having boogie-inspired self esteem problems because I laughed at his face. these kids are legitimately AHH-dorable though - PLUS I got to watch Mary Poppins.
talk about a poppin' friday night!
HA but, fun story - I got lost coming to Mark's house - like, inexplicably, unbelievably lost. my plan was to leave the library, go to sbucks (see below) and then come here - so I had directions from the sbucks. BUT ALAS. the first street on the directions literally does not exist. or else you have to go through some sort of portal to get there. needless to say, one guess about who got me unlost... yes folks, thats correct, Thomas the directions prodigy. Thomas the kid who memorized the school directory at age 8. Thomas, my genuis brother. were it not for him, I would potentially still not be here... and I am eternally grateful. and apparently, irreversibly bad at directions. crap.
in happier news, my week of papers is about to come to an end. I have pumped out a 20 page autobiographical paper, a 9 page paper about someone else, and am beginning work on a 10 page analysis of 2 Corinthians 4-5 so I don't have to do it over the break. ambitious much?
today I also continued on my newest plight: to try all of the holiday drinks at starbucks on a $20 gift card. the pumpkin spice is my old favorite, but today at the prompting of the barista (and consequently my friend Justin who distracts me during New Testament) I tried a peppermint white chocolate mocha (or something like that). while I can't afford to spend real money on said plight (and who can?), so far I am rocking the $20 maximum and enjoying this tasty plight.
word of the day: plight.

yes, so I think that about sums it up. I started moving things out (sad sad!) and am aiming to do more of that tomorrow, as well as writing this stupid last paper to reach all of my pre-Thanksgiving goals.

song of the day: "Taylor, the Latte Boy" by Kristin Chenoweth (don't judge me)
going home countdown: 4 days
movie I literally can't wait to see: Enchanted (again, don't judge me)

ok thats all I've got.
peace, love, and heated seats,

megan mcgregor greaves


midwest princess said...

don't worry, i really want to see enchanted too!
good luck with moving and have a very happy thanksgiving dearie!

Elaine said...

hmmmm....the only scene in enchanted i like is the one where he starts to sing and then the bikers hit him. so i don't really need to see the whole movie :)

i like to say "plight" too, it's fun