November 11, 2007

i know, i know, i know the sky is what makes the ocean blue

so, I have recently looked at my countdown to thanksgiving, and shockingly, I go home in NINE DAYS! oh my goodness. I am super excited about getting away for a while, but my goodness, do I have a lot to do in 9 days. its going to be a busy week plus, thats for sure! I need to finish writing my 20 page autobiographical theories paper - where I give my autobiography and then apply counseling theories to my own life (HA). so fun. that is all that I need to do before break, but there are so many things due right after break (that I don't want to do during break) that I need to get a leg up on those too. such a crazy life I lead. also I need to move (again, HA) this week so I don't have to do it all right after I get back. Alix and I are getting a little sad about the finality of our breakup, but I think we're definitely still going to hang out all the time (duh) so we'll make it through I think. OH THE EMOTION OF IT ALL!

kristin was here this weekend - so fun. we saw Ben Lee in concert, took pictures with him, and noted that he is a tiny tiny man. but super and fun. now I am recovering from our weekend by baby-stepping back into my homework slash watching america's next top model, which I'm ashamed to say is slowly eating away at my life.

off I go for my week of productivity... oh what joy. soon I will be at home, holding babies, making stuffing, eating pumpkin rolls... oh I can hardly wait!

me, with mr. ben lee.


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He signed my body!! Bzahh!

Anyroads, I loved this weekend. We must do it again soon, yes?