November 18, 2007

my b, dawg

so, in retrospect, I totally misused the word plight. it's definition is: a condition, state, or situation, esp. an unfavorable or unfortunate one: to find oneself in a sorry plight. so really, I am not in one of those at all. I would say my starbucks mission (we'll go with mission) is anything BUt unfavorable or unfortunate. So. sorry to have misled you. carry on.


November 16, 2007

i'm a sucker for happy endings

beloved readers,
greetings! I am due for an update I think, and clearly since it's friday night and I'm babysitting and I couldn't write another paper if you paid me, I decided now was the time. I'm babysitting again for my friend Mark's cute kids while he's out on the town with his wife. Owen, who I believe is 3, got out of bed a few minutes ago, said "mrs. Megan?" and when I went to the stairs, shoved his finger on my face and politely informed me that he had a boogie on it, and kindly asked if I would remove said boogie. after I finished throwing up in my mouth a little (if you know anything about me and boogies... ew) I promptly wiped it off and sent him back to bed, allowing myself to laugh. didn't want him having boogie-inspired self esteem problems because I laughed at his face. these kids are legitimately AHH-dorable though - PLUS I got to watch Mary Poppins.
talk about a poppin' friday night!
HA but, fun story - I got lost coming to Mark's house - like, inexplicably, unbelievably lost. my plan was to leave the library, go to sbucks (see below) and then come here - so I had directions from the sbucks. BUT ALAS. the first street on the directions literally does not exist. or else you have to go through some sort of portal to get there. needless to say, one guess about who got me unlost... yes folks, thats correct, Thomas the directions prodigy. Thomas the kid who memorized the school directory at age 8. Thomas, my genuis brother. were it not for him, I would potentially still not be here... and I am eternally grateful. and apparently, irreversibly bad at directions. crap.
in happier news, my week of papers is about to come to an end. I have pumped out a 20 page autobiographical paper, a 9 page paper about someone else, and am beginning work on a 10 page analysis of 2 Corinthians 4-5 so I don't have to do it over the break. ambitious much?
today I also continued on my newest plight: to try all of the holiday drinks at starbucks on a $20 gift card. the pumpkin spice is my old favorite, but today at the prompting of the barista (and consequently my friend Justin who distracts me during New Testament) I tried a peppermint white chocolate mocha (or something like that). while I can't afford to spend real money on said plight (and who can?), so far I am rocking the $20 maximum and enjoying this tasty plight.
word of the day: plight.

yes, so I think that about sums it up. I started moving things out (sad sad!) and am aiming to do more of that tomorrow, as well as writing this stupid last paper to reach all of my pre-Thanksgiving goals.

song of the day: "Taylor, the Latte Boy" by Kristin Chenoweth (don't judge me)
going home countdown: 4 days
movie I literally can't wait to see: Enchanted (again, don't judge me)

ok thats all I've got.
peace, love, and heated seats,

megan mcgregor greaves

November 11, 2007

i know, i know, i know the sky is what makes the ocean blue

so, I have recently looked at my countdown to thanksgiving, and shockingly, I go home in NINE DAYS! oh my goodness. I am super excited about getting away for a while, but my goodness, do I have a lot to do in 9 days. its going to be a busy week plus, thats for sure! I need to finish writing my 20 page autobiographical theories paper - where I give my autobiography and then apply counseling theories to my own life (HA). so fun. that is all that I need to do before break, but there are so many things due right after break (that I don't want to do during break) that I need to get a leg up on those too. such a crazy life I lead. also I need to move (again, HA) this week so I don't have to do it all right after I get back. Alix and I are getting a little sad about the finality of our breakup, but I think we're definitely still going to hang out all the time (duh) so we'll make it through I think. OH THE EMOTION OF IT ALL!

kristin was here this weekend - so fun. we saw Ben Lee in concert, took pictures with him, and noted that he is a tiny tiny man. but super and fun. now I am recovering from our weekend by baby-stepping back into my homework slash watching america's next top model, which I'm ashamed to say is slowly eating away at my life.

off I go for my week of productivity... oh what joy. soon I will be at home, holding babies, making stuffing, eating pumpkin rolls... oh I can hardly wait!

me, with mr. ben lee.

November 4, 2007

::but it sure is fancy how you love me::

oh what a GLORIOUS weekend. I mean truly glorious.
after my Thursday of baked goods and beauty, I spent Friday giving away said baked goods and napping and doing homework and all around having a grand ol' time. I capped off Friday with a square dance at the harvest ho down at school (most attendees were children... but as Beckie put it: "I can't decide if this is the cutest or lamest thing I have ever attended." Amen.) after which, we retreated to my friend Lisa's to watch a movie. what a day. which brings me to Saturday, where the gloriousness continued with an outdoor run in Wash Park - at which point I realized treadmill and outdoors are NOT in fact equal, and then I nearly amputated my legs. BUT, Wash Park is gorgeous. and I am moving there. so I will wean myself off the treadmill and into the great outdoors if it kills me! oh gosh and THEN (this was just a really great day.) I made myself a breakfast taco with the leftover eggs from the pumpkin cookies and beans and pico. delish. but then comes the really good part: me, Lisa, Beckie, Allison and Chelsea (see picture: minus Allison, who is photographer... but she can be viewed in the one below) drove to BOULDER for an afternoon of FUN and the best concert ever: Matty Wertz and Dave Barnes!!! we shopped on Pearl Street, walked for hours, and enjoyed the mountains - followed by a huge dinner at Rio Cantina and a trip to the famous Tea House for some... you know, tea. the day culminated then, with the best concert I have ever been to (counting the two other times I have seen Matt before in Austin). there is something that just cannot compare with seeing your favorite singer live. and, with Dave Barnes (who most of us promptly fell in love with on sight) who is his BFF, he was just great. their encore consisted of covers of "every little thing she does is magic" by sting and the police and "signed, sealed, delivered - i'm yours" by stevie wonder. they sang their own songs the rest, obv, but those two numbers rocked the house. I'm pretty much still kind of giddy about the whole experience. I am such a fool.

SO: kristin comes in 5 days, thanksgiving break starts in 15 days, and life is but a dream. but until then, pretty much, I will be writing papers. 24/7.
please immediately download: "nothing fancy" and "your love will never change", by Dave Barnes (and then stare at his picture for hours because he is such a beautiful human)

enjoy your Monday!

playing with puppets?

allison, beckie and me at the concert

the object(s) of our musical affections: matt (l) & dave (r)

November 1, 2007

where I live & what I baked.


have you ever SEEN a bluer sky?!

I still can't believe I live in the mountains.

I've never felt prouder than I did tonight when I baked these Chocolate Drizzle Pumpkin Cookies straight out of my fabulous November issue of Everyday Food. plus they are DELECTABLE. I even fashioned one of those drizzlers of chocolate (which I melted myself) out of a plastic baggie. I've pretty much never been more thrilled.

Its been a day of great beauty, my friends.

ps. happy November!
pps. DL: November, by Emerson Drive - best song ever

ppps. shoutout to Emily -
Michael: Attention everyone. I... DECLARE... BANKRUPCY!
Oscar: You know you can't just say it, right?
Michael: I didn't just say it, Oscar. I DECLARED it.
- The Office