October 18, 2007

you're hard to write down right

There is nothing better than Thursday. Nothing. Let me tell you a little bit about Thursdays. On Thursdays, I have no classes. On Thursdays, I wake up at a normal time, enjoy coffee and breakfast without any rushing, and I get things done. I get to run and work on my studies and enjoy the fabulous weather (like today.) PLUS, the Office is on Thursdays. AND Thursday is practically Friday, which is another glorious day of the week. I. love. Thursdays.
In other news, I am in the middle of the worst month ever school-wise. If I make it alive to November, it might be a miracle. I had my first midterm last night in New Testament (which I rocked, by the way.) I have another (more than likely harder) midterm on Monday in Counseling Theories... in addition to a couple of papers and simultaneously trying to remain a sane human. Should be interesting.
But in lovely news, my dear friend Katy Chichester is coming TODAY to visit (her other friend and sort of me too) so I am waiting on her right now because her flight is delayed. I'm pretty excited to see someone familiar and spend time with her... even though I should be studying. Its ok... I have all weekend!
I am holding out until Halloween, pretty much, which is when things will kind of calm down and I will get to breathe again. We are planning on going to the Matt Wertz/Dave Barnes concert in Boulder (who if you don't know me, matty is my FAVORITE) and then Kristin (i.e. CHI CHI) is coming to visit me the second weekend in November and we are going to see Ben Lee in concert. I love living in a state with good music.

And finally, what I've learned in grad school this week: this very quiet, very smart man in my NT class said this last night, and it reeeeally resonated with me... we were talking about what the use is in praying for miracles - does it set us up for failure, in some cases? and if God's will is God's will, then shouldn't prayer seem a little... silly? futile? Here was this dude's response:
“We tend to think that if what we pray for doesn’t happen, it “didn’t work.” But I submit that if it has brought us closer into relationship with Jesus, then, it worked.”

glorious. God is good.

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Unknown said...

Hey Megan,
I was just reading your Denver blog! It makes me miss home! Anyway, October here was crazy busy with school too!!! I guess that's how grad school is. But at least you got away from Hertel, I had my first post-grad encounter with her, she nearly ran me over on Oakmont this evening! I'm not going to say I was suprised that she would be behind the wheel of the car that would be my demise! Luckily I survived to spite her another day by not being in a research program! Ha! Take that! Anyway, I hope you are enjoying my home state and that life isn't too crazy so you get to enjoy the beauty!