October 14, 2007

weekend update, if you will

what a crazy wild weekend. let me break it down for you.

the weekend was kicked off after my biblical interpretation class on friday afternoon with my pretty much weekly off-campus lunch date with beckie and lisa. we had a lovely conversation and discussed the books we are reading... as beckie and i recently ordered a couple of - lets face it - self-help books and agreed to share notes. we are learning a lot. while we are pretty embarrassed by these purchases (we bought them on amazon so no one would have to know) we have decided, in her words, to "own it" and just be ok with the fact that we do need help. this was a big confession for me, just so you know, so please don't judge me. THANKS. THEN. after a thrilling afternoon of reading for New Testament, i fell asleep for a couple of hours, waking just in time for my big friday night plans: BABYSITTING! but really, i was legitimately excited about this. i babysat for my friend Mark from school's kids so he and his wife could go out - and their kids are fab. i miss being around kids all the time so this was a lovely way to spend the evening... so cute. so fun. aaaaaaand that was friday.

saturday started off with a bang, after another insomniac night (have i mentioned that i have recently become an insomniac?) i woke up and read and lounged about pretty much all day. i cleaned a little and went running (i'm also trying to run now, as opposed to the eliptical, which is hilarious and pathetic and kind of great all at the same time). then after a full hour, no joke, of alix and i sitting in the living room/kitchen (its a small apartment, ok?) saying "BUT WHAT DO WE DO?" in lieu of where we should go for dinner. we finally decided on Steubens, a fun little retro place a couple blocks away which was delish. THEN we went to target (yes, at 8:00 on a saturday night) and made a maginificent discovery: we need not get all dressed up nd go to bars on saturday nights to meet boys - all you have to do is go to TARGET. seriously. we saw like 10 eligible bachelors in 5 minutes. it was shocking. so i mean, we'll be doing all of our grocery shopping on saturday nights from now on.

today i got a LOT of schoolwork done (are you seeing a trend in my weekend plans?) and then made a glorious dinner of tilapia, broccoli, and sweet potato that i learned how to make from my new subscription to martha stewart's Everyday Food (THANK YOU AMIE!!!! i will be a fabulous cook in no time.) and now here we are.

until next time, listen to "you picked me" by A Fine Frenzy, go Rockies, and check out the pictures link below to see new friends (and some summer pictures, too).

"They say you can't mix business with pleasure. REALLY. Then please tell me how it is that a putt putt golf course operates." -the Office

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midwest princess said...

sounds like my kind of weekend! for example, nick and i put together our new table from ikea on saturday night!!! i have to agree with you on the meeting eligible men in odd places, they tend to pop up when you least expect it (and are wearing little to no makeup). have fun! xoxoxoxox