October 30, 2007

"there's a ball at the castle, and I've been invited... and I need to practice my dancing"

so, don't be alarmed - but this might be a more serious entry - do not fret though, for I am still funny. its just not a funny day.
its not a bad day so much - but something I am struggling with right now is not being such a person of EXTREMES. its like, on any given day I am either doing REALLY well, or my life is a black black hole. this, clearly, is not a very adaptive way to live. (sidenote: I am becoming such a counselor.) SO, what I am trying to become, is a person who can have a crap day and not let it rock my whole world. (please do not read this as a confession of some larger psychological disorder - it is what it is.) so even if you think I might be a little off my rocker with this, I am simply using this venue (my blog) as a means for my great manifesto: I am officially putting it into the universe that I WILL NOT BE A VALLEY-DWELLER. I will not have an off day and then set up camp in crap-ville for 2 weeks. that, my friends, is a person I heartily refuse to be.

I am finding encouragement in: When the Saints by Sara Groves & Isaiah 55

and I will continue loving my life... duh.

finally, to all 3-5 of you who read this... I love you.


Unknown said...

Just throwing it out there that I'm totally going to be that girl that comments on every post. You know you love it!!

That being said, I think this life declaration (bahaha, I hate that phrase) is both an awesome and very mature one. It's hard not to let those bad days completely destroy whatever confidence you (and I clearly mean you in a general sense, not you in particular) have built up since the last world rocking. It's one of those tedious things about growing up that just completely sucks. As much as it sucks, there's no greater feeling than finally overcoming this obstacle and realizing so many tiny things that would have once meant the complete end of your being just don't even matter anymore.

And wow, I'm feeling very verbose today. Love you a lot! Totally counting down the minutes until our JD/Turk reunion.

Anonymous said...

I understand, I cried the whole way home from work yesterday because of something that my students did and then I pouted/was mean to everyone in sight for the rest of the day. It wasn't until I realized that I was being super cranky to the kids I take care of at night and that they didn't deserve it for me to make a change and have a pleasant evening.

bottom line: try not to worry about things you can't change. serenity prayer, baby! and always refer back to the wisdom of the indigo girls: "you have to laugh at yourself, because you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't"

love you!

midwest princess said...

will you counsel me for free someday? i can't afford my therapist. and i think you're going to be awesome at it.